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PCC Design and Construction Standards

Use and intent of standards

The PCC Design and Construction Standards establish guidelines and requirements for designing and building new structures and for remodeling existing structures at all PCC facilities. The standards are a collaboration between Planning and Capital Construction and Facilities Management Services, in partnership with many other key stakeholders of the college’s built environment.

The standards are intended to create a level of consistency across all projects and to serve as a link between the built environment of all PCC campuses and PCC goals for equity, sustainability, and environmental safety. Contractors, professional design services consultants, and PCC staff will use these standards as a basis for planning and executing design and construction projects.

Planning and Capital Construction manages the standards document. PCC may consider variances to these standards upon review and written approval by the Planning and Capital Construction Managing Architect. A variance refers to a request for change by a consultant in compliance with the standards. A modification refers to a suggested change in the standards language.

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