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Bruce West

Bruce West (1939-2021)  was born in China to missionary parents. He grew up in China, the Philippines, and Medford in Southern Oregon. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Oregon. He taught art at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon for thirty-four years. West is a nationally-recognized sculptor and his work can be seen throughout the Northwest.

West is primarily known for steel sculptures that explore abstract, geometric, and natural forms. West was also an avid kayaker and climber; his art reflects the shapes and surfaces of the land, rocks, and water.  His works can be found in the Portland Art Museum as well as in many outdoor sites in Washington such as Lynnwood Civic Center Park, Lincoln High School (Tacoma), Port Angeles High School, and Kentlake High School (Kent), and in Oregon at the Salem Convention Center, the sculpture walk in Lake Oswego, and Drake Park (Bend).