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Campus Courtyard by Bruce West

  • Title: Campus Courtyard
  • Artist: Bruce West
  • Medium: Watercolor
  • Size: (1 of 2) - 15.5"h x 22"w
  • Creation date: 2003
  • Added to collection: 2003
  • Donor: Purchased by Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus
  • Campus: Rock Creek
  • Location: B2/1 N Stairwell gallery

If you've ever visited Ramona Falls on the Sandy River near Mount Hood, you'll recognize the source of Bruce West's fountain: a spectacular waterfall that cascades down 120 feet of stepped columnar basalt. In his sculpture, West has captured the essence of the rock's unique formations and the drama of constantly rushing water. West is a longtime Oregon resident and sculptor whose works can be found in collections around the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in large-scale outdoor works, but is also known for his intricate steel wall sculptures. This is one of two studies he made for Ramona Falls, the fountain at Rock Creek.