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Winsor Creek, Runoff, CO by Joan Gentry

  • Title: Winsor Creek, Runoff, CO
  • Artist: Joan Gentry
  • Medium: Gelatin silver print
  • Size: 18"h x 20"w
  • Creation date: 2005
  • Added to collection: 2019
  • Donor: Gift of Joan Gentry and Bill Rhoades
  • Campus: Rock Creek
  • Location: B2/2 Math Division office rm 210H

Photography may be a simple record of the world, but it can evoke a complex set of responses.  Joan Gentry has written: "A photograph records the light and dark of a subject for a split-second shutter exposure. It does not record ... the crashing sound of a waterfall hurtling off a mountain; a swollen stream cascading downhill.... We know these sounds exist and that they were very present when the photograph was taken. Our mind records the photograph as viewed and our experiences remind us of the sounds that were probably there."  In addition to sounds, we are also reminded of textures: Joan Gentry is not a surrealist, yet this meticulously delineated still image of water flowing over river rock has the disorienting texture of animal hide.