October by Jeri Hise

  • Title: October
  • Artist: Jeri Hise
  • Medium: Pastel
  • Size: 32"h x 24"w
  • Creation date: 1994
  • Added to collection: 2014
  • Donor: Gift of the artist
  • Campus: Rock Creek
  • Location: B2/2 Office rm 263

Jeri Hise is known for her highly illusionistic paintings (often enlarged versions of stylistically juxtaposed Baroque and Modern masterworks) which included tromp-l'oeil frames painted by her husband and collaborator, George Green.  This work, which predates those collaborations, shows the artist's interest in realism, and the 'Vanitas" tradition of Baroque still life in which ephemeral objects of earthly pleasure (food, candles, jewels) were presented as reminders of mortality and vanity. The painting is contracted around complementary colors (orange and blue) which when placed next to one another create a strong vibration.  All the tones in this work are various mixtures of these two colors and white.