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Getting started – external partners

If you are interested in starting discussions about a possible academic partnership with PCC, or have informally engaged in such discussions already, we encourage you to contact us! Please also consider the following:

  1. Review the Definitions and Guidelines, and consider which option or options for partnership might be the best fit for your institution and PCC.
  2. In general we consider a combination of the following factors when evaluating potential partnerships:
    • Benefit to PCC students: how will the agreement or partnership benefit PCC students?
    • Access and affordability: is the program geographically accessible to Oregon students, and/or are there online options? How does the program cost compare to existing PCC partnerships?
    • Accreditation: is the program regionally and/or nationally accredited?
    • Uniqueness/Duplication of offerings: does the program offer unique academic opportunities to PCC students in comparison with existing partnerships, and/or add depth to the academic opportunities available through PCC’s existing partnership

Please contact the Division Director of Transfer and Curricular Innovation, Anne Haberkern, to discuss your ideas, review any questions you may have, and discuss next steps.