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Office of Equity and Inclusion

Downtown Center, Room 300 | 971-722-5840 | equity.inclusion@pcc.edu

PCC for inclusion and equity

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is a key collaborator in PCC’s commitment to civil rights, diversity, equity and inclusion. OEI uses the theory of social justice as our foundational framework for operation. We recognize the intersectionality of DEI and compliance. We are advocates for an inclusive college climate, regardless of individual differences, beliefs or identities.

See some definitions of key terms in this statement.

As a part of our collaboration:

  • We interrupt and advocate for the interruption of systems of oppression at PCC.
  • We use critical race theory as a lens for analysis.
  • We are a resource, a collaborator, and a model of inclusive practices.
  • We are also a source of activism at PCC.
  • We acknowledge that the law can be problematic and is not always equitable. As a result, OEI tries to work through the inequities in our compliance work to achieve more equitable results.

PCC Policies


Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion for consultation related to discrimination and harassment prevention.

  • Tricia Brand, Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Co-Coordinator, 971-722-5841
  • Alex Baldino, Director of Compliance and Title IX Coordinator, 971-722-5843
  • Jeff Lamont, Equity & Title IX Investigator, 971-722-5831
  • Rafael Colín, Equity & Title IX Investigator, 971-722-5846
  • Theresa Payne, Equity and Policy Analyst, 971-722-5832
  • Elisabeth Davidson, Program Specialist, 971-722-5830
  • Maki Yoshinaga, Administrative Assistant, 971-722-5833