College-wide diversity and inclusion resources

Toward our Preferred Future

At the heart of PCC is a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. These values are essential to the college’s mission—our promise that higher education and opportunity should be open to everyone in our community.

PCC President Mark Mitsui is committed to fostering equitable student success at the college through the new Preferred Future initiative.

As part of this effort, the Office of the President has pledged to increase awareness of tools, resources and learning opportunities with a particular focus on community-building, civic engagement, and dialogue across difference.

You Belong. Let’s Talk.

Downloadable resources

We at PCC acknowledge and understand that the path to success is often difficult and challenging for many of our students. We also understand that the current social-political climate in the United States has presented additional challenges and uncertainties for our current and prospective students.

The “You Belong” promise is one of many ways that we as members of the PCC community can both demonstrate and enact our commitment to all of our students and staff, especially to those who may be feeling most vulnerable. By downloading and displaying this poster, you agree to create a welcoming space and to communicate toward understanding, particularly with those with whom you might disagree. Also available for download is a flier summarizing support resources.

Upcoming Events & Learning Opportunities

There are a variety of upcoming events and learning opportunities focused on building dialogue, civic engagement, and giving voice to the many identities that make up our PCC community.

Submit your event to be added to the calendar.


Recent executive orders and actions have caused questions and concerns. This page contains resources and support services that may help affected faculty, staff and students navigate this uncertain time. Those with questions about specific personal and family circumstances are strongly encouraged to know their rights and seek legal advice.

If you have a suggestion for something you’d like to see added to this page, please email us.