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Portland Community College is Oregon’s number one gateway to higher education and lifelong learning. As the region’s largest post-secondary institution, PCC serves some 80,000 learners a year across a 1,500-square-mile district. Integrated planning activities across the college help ensure that long-term decision-making is strategic, inclusive and mission-focused. These efforts reflect a larger intention at PCC to create a culture of planning and innovation.

A number of integrated projects are currently under way as part of long-term planning efforts:

Strategic Planning


In 2015, PCC published a strategic vision that has become the college’s overall map for ongoing planning and strategic actions.

First-round funding announced: August 2, 2016

First-round strategic funding was awarded by PCC’s Board of Directors to five projects exhibiting a focus on student success and college-wide impact. These include projects to enhance student advising, improve web-based resources for graduation and university transfer planning, implement a new non-credit registration system, develop open-educational resources in math, and adopt a more effective and equitable placement testing system.

Facilities Planning

This process launched in fall 2016 to provide a comprehensive framework for assessing PCC’s built environment and linking future capital and maintenance needs with strategic goals. The resulting plan will inform accreditation reporting as well as future infrastructure investment.


College-wide forums announced: February 6, 2017

Facilities planning efforts continue. Extensive information gathering is in progress, and site visits are scheduled through late May. Team leaders will hold open-house forums on each PCC campus. All are welcome to come hear about planning efforts, ask questions and share insights. Forums will be held on February 28 (Southeast Great Hall and Sylvania Lower CC Mall) and on May 24 (Cascade Student Union Lobby and Rock Creek Building 5). Each forum will take place from 10am-2pm.

Kickoff event: October 31, 2016

On Halloween day, 75 college stakeholders joined expert consultants to launch a yearlong effort to create the college’s first-ever facilities master plan. Committees will explore space utilization, facilities conditions, new capital projects, safety and security, transportation and parking, information technology, ADA needs and sustainability.

Ways to engage

Facilities Planning forums

Drop by to hear about facilities planning efforts at these open-house forums.

February 28, 10am-2pm
Southeast Campus – Great Hall
Sylvania Campus – Lower CC Mall
May 24, 10am-2pm
Cascade Campus – Student Union lobby
Rock Creek Campus – Building 5
Campus leadership meetings

A group from Facilities Planning will present the process under way and progress achieved at campus leadership meetings this spring. Meeting dates and times are as follows:

  • Cascade: Monday, May 1, 9am, Student Union 203
  • Sylvania: TBD
  • Southeast: Monday, May 22, 10:30am, Community Hall
  • Rock Creek: Monday, June 12, 1:30pm, Event Center
Peer review
Monday, May 15
Sylvania Tree Rooms (off the cafeteria)

College stakeholders representing facilities planning work groups, the task force and the steering committee will join expert consultants to showcase the work accomplished since October 2016. Topics to be addressed include space utilization, facilities conditions, new capital projects, safety and security, transportation and parking, information technology, ADA needs and sustainability.

View key facilities documents

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Academic and Student Affairs Planning

This broad-based, collaborative effort will provide an ongoing process for understanding current and future strengths and needs. The resulting roadmap will ensure continuous improvement of academic programs and services in support of PCC’s mission and strategic plan.


Kickoff activities: October 2016

During multiple collaborative sessions, leaders and stakeholders together articulated this effort's goals, process and timeline. The plan will incorporate department and service area input with recommendations from PCC work groups and task forces as well as statewide groups. It will take into account governance and funding factors and requirements, accreditation standards and self-study results as well as student and community feedback.

Ways to engage

View key documents: Kickoff

IT Planning

This process launched in fall 2016 to provide an institutional blueprint of strategic technology projects that will align to PCC's core strategies as well as to key college-wide planning efforts. The action plan will focus on a 3-5 year timeframe with the goal of driving IT infrastructure, data, applications and processes to best-in-class status for educational technology.

Ways to engage

View key documents: IT Planning