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Faculty Department Chairs

Faculty Department Chairs provide leadership to faculty and staff in their subject areas. They help administer and coordinate activities assigned by their Division Dean. (Division Deans are listed by campus under Instruction in the Organizational Guide.)

Faculty Department Chairs can also help resolve problems between students and faculty within their department. You can find out which campus a faculty member reports to by looking them up in the staff directory.

Send updates to Snehal Patil. See information for Faculty Department Chairs.

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Last Name First Name Campus Subject Areas
Benjamin Bill Cascade Fire Protection Program (FP)
Chew Kristopher Cascade Addiction Counseling (AD)
Friedrich Ken Cascade Chemistry
Neps Sandy Cascade Biology (BI)
Raper Porter Cascade English (ENG), Development Ed (DE), Composition
Sims Rebekah Cascade Physical Education (PE)
Rochelle Shari Cascade Health Education (HE)
Louie Tammy Cascade Mathematics (MTH)
Zable Tony Cascade Physics (PHY), Environmental Studies and Resources (ESR), Geology/General Science (G/GS)
Chatterton Cole Cascade Business Administration
Fauske Erik Cascade Multimedia (co-chair with Seth Bloombaum)
Bloombaum Seth Cascade Multimedia (co-chair with Erik Fauske)
Gaskins Sarah Cascade Music and Sonic Arts (MUC)
Morgan Sam Cascade Art and Theatre
Willebrand Richard Cascade Fac Maint, Electrical Trades and Apprenticeship
Baldwin Aubrey Cascade Paralegal (PL, co-chair with Leni Tupper)
Karr Stephanie Cascade Medical Professions (MP)
Gray James Cascade Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Partain Louisa Cascade Fire Protection Program
Parks Jim Cascade Criminal Justice
Krauter Erin Cascade Medical Lab Technology
Clark Carly Cascade Counseling
Boehnke Amy Cascade Adult Basic Ed (ABE) and Career Guidance and College Success (CG)
Mead Tanya Cascade Education (ED), (co-chair with Lisa George)
George Lisa Cascade Education (ED), (co-chair with Tanya Mead)
Boeschen Charma Cascade Chinese (CHN), Communication Studies (COMM), Journalism (J), Spanish (SPA)
Elardo Justin Cascade Anthropology (ATH), Economics (EC), Chicano/Latino Studies (CHLA), Geography (GEO), History (HST), Humanities (HUM), International Studies (INTL), Philosophy (PHL), Political Science (PS), Psychology (PSY), Religion (R), Social Justice (SJ), Sociology (SOC), Women’s Studies (WS)
Scott Torie Cascade Library (LIB)
Sullivan Joanna Cascade and Rock Creek ESOL
Washington Rakeem Cascade Margaret Carter Skill Center (SC)
Bessarab Ellie Cascade Ophthalmic Medical Technology (OMT)
Tupper Leni Cascade Paralegal (PL, co-chair with Aubrey Baldwin)
Lave Barbara Rock Creek Computer Applications and Office Systems (CAS/OS)
Spaziani Marc Rock Creek Dance (D), Physical Education (PE), co-chair with Delia McQueen
Apotheker Alison Rock Creek English (ENG), Writing I (WR) and Development Education (DE, RD, WR),(TA)
Buswell Ben Rock Creek ART, Graphic Design (GD)
Manolas Melissa Rock Creek English (ENG), Writing II (WR) and Development Education (DE, RD, WR),(TA)
Palmer Jason Rock Creek Music (MUS)
Schroeder Vicki Rock Creek General Science (GS), Geology (G), and Physics (PHY)
Cary Josh Rock Creek Bioscience Technology (BIT)
Kirchner Eric Rock Creek Microelectronics (MT)
Sengupta Shawli Rock Creek Computer Science (CS)
Borzcik Ragan Rock Creek Veterinary Technology (VT)
Powell Jaimie Rock Creek Biology (BIO) (co-chair with Jennifer Hill)
Hill Jennifer Rock Creek Biology (BIO) (co-chair with Jaimie Powell)
Vukic Danijela Rock Creek Chemistry (CH)
Barnes Terri Rock Creek Anthropology (ATH), Economics (EC), History (HST), Political Science (PS)
Edwards Chris Rock Creek Philosophy (PHL), Religion (R), Humanities (HUM), Journalism (J), and Chicano-Latino Studies (CHLA)
Kristen Jamee Rock Creek Geography (GEO), Psychology (PSY), Sociology (SOC), Women’s Studies (WS)
Meagher Michael Rock Creek Health (HE), Food and Nutrition (FN)
McQueen Delia Rock Creek Dance (D), Physical Education (PE), (co-chair with Marc Spaziani)
Altree Larry Rock Creek Aviation Science (AVS)
Dunnington Russ Rock Creek Diesel Service Technology (DS)
Nelson Emily Rock Creek Mathematics I (MTH)
Wherry Jon Rock Creek Math II
Laxson Tom Rock Creek Aviation Maintenance
Snook Geoff Rock Creek Auto Collision Repair
Baird Shannon Rock Creek Building Construction Technology (BCT) (Co-chair with Hilary Campbell)
Birk Scott Rock Creek Business Administration (BA)
Campbell Hilary Rock Creek BCT (co-chair with Shannon Baird)
Hawkins Patty Rock Creek ABE/GED® preparation
Peters Jennifer Rock Creek Landscape Technology
Rodriguez Adrian Rock Creek Career Guidance and College Success (CG)
Judy Scott Rock Creek Welding
Kessinger Pamela Rock Creek Library (LIB)
Earley Jim Rock Creek Counseling
Norconk Jesse Rock Creek CAT Dealer Service Technology (DST)
Bonifacino Alejandra Rock Creek World Languages (SPA, JPN, GER)
Davis Daniel Rock Creek ESOL
Williams Stacie Rock Creek Communication Studies (COMM)
Romey Julie Southeast Computer Applications and Office Systems (CAS/OS)
Wu Daphne Southeast Management Supervisory Development (MSD)
Seto Irene Southeast Business Administration (BA)
Katter Rachelle Southeast Foods and Nutrition (FN), Health Studies (HE), Physical Education (PE)
Mackel Mike Southeast Chemistry (CH), Environmental Studies (ESR), Geology (G), General Science (GS), Physics (PHY) Geography (GEO)
Mortensen Justin Southeast Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)
Lee Cara Southeast Mathematics (MTH)
Foxworth Teela Southeast Humanities, Social Science (ATH, CHLA, CHN, COMM, EC, HST, INTL, NAS, SJ, PHL, PS, R, SOC, SPA, WS, HUM)
Mendicino Lara Southeast English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Hausman Blake Southeast English (ENG), Reading (RD) and Writing (WR), Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW), Alternative Learning Center (ALC)
Rodrigues Elizabeth Southeast Biology (BI) and Anatomy and Physiology (A&P)
Beck Jessica Southeast ART and Psychology (PSY)
Richards Roberta Southeast Library (LIB)
Siverts Wendie Southeast Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
Loanzon Esther Southeast ABE/GED and Career Guidance (CG)
Iyer Gayathri Sylvania Computer Science
Schneider Jim Sylvania Physical Science (CH, G, GS, PHY)
Schneider Art Sylvania Computer Applications and Web Technologies (CAWT)
Griffo Heather Sylvania Business Administration (BA)
Dougherty Dan Sylvania Computer Information Systems (CIS) (Co-chair with Marc Goodman)
Goldman David Sylvania University Transfer Engineering (ENGR)
Payette Aaron Sylvania Health Studies (HE), Biology (BI), and Environmental Studies (ESR)
Nelson Tara Sylvania Civil/Mechanical Engineering Technology
Williams Sanda Sylvania Electronic Engineering Technology
Kidoguchi Ivan Sylvania Writing
Ktejik Mish Sylvania Sign Language Studies and Interpretation
Carney Kate Sylvania ESOL
Whitney Stephanie Sylvania World Languages, French (FR), German (GER)
Shmakov Kristine Sylvania Russian (RUS)
Yamaguchi Takako Sylvania Japanese
Davis Amanda Sylvania Interior Design (ID)
Mann Susan Sylvania Communication Studies (COMM) and Journalism (J)
Mery John Sylvania SY Co-chair Theater Arts (TA) and Music (MUS)
Roy Denise Sylvania Architectural Design and Drafting (ARCH) (co-chair with Peter Gramlich)
Savage Nathan Sylvania Graphic Design
Smith Mark Sylvania Art
Stewart Scott Sylvania Machine Manufacturing Technology (MCH)
Jones Russ Sylvania Automotive Service Technology
Leavitt Scot Sylvania Math (co-chair with Kandace Kling)
Jacobsen David Sylvania College Success Skills
Garland-Forshee Andrew Sylvania Child and Family Studies (HEC and HUS)
Lippoldt Debra Sylvania Foods and Nutrition (FN)
Littrell Tanya Sylvania Exercise Science (EXS/FT)
Boggs Mike Sylvania Physical Education (PE)
Reynolds Heather Sylvania Nursing Director
Spillum Laurel Sylvania Adult Basic Education (ABE) and GED® preparation, Career Guidance (CG)
O’Reilly Anne Sylvania Counseling
Abushakrah Jan Sylvania Gerontology (GRN)
Friedle Christina Sylvania Geography and Geographic Information Systems
Collier Rhonda Sylvania Economics (EC), Political Science (PS) Sociology (SOC)
Gray Sylvia Sylvania Anthropology, History, Women Studies
Stockton Matt Sylvania Philosophy, Psychology
Flanary Allie Sylvania Library (LIB)
Winters Patti Sylvania Radiography, MRI, and Computed Topography (CTT)
Beach Josette Sylvania Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene
Goodman Marc Sylvania Computer Information Systems (CIS) (Co-chair with Dan Dougherty)
Kling Kandace Sylvania Mathematics (MTH) (Co-chair with Scot Leavitt)
Leavitt Scot Sylvania Mathematics (MTH) (Co-chair with Kandace Kling)
Gramlich Peter Sylvania Architectural Design and Drafting (ARCH) (co-chair with Denise Roy)
Wheeler Van Sylvania Literature (LIT)
Martin Anne-Marie Sylvania Spanish (SPA)
Kling Kandace Sylvania Math (co-chair with Scot Leavitt)
Johnson-Weiss Julianne Sylvania SY Co-chair Theater Arts (TA) and Music (MUS)
Heberlein Jamie Sylvania SY Child and Family Studies (ECE)
Altus Bonnie Willow Creek Health Information Management (HIM)
Chambers Virginia Willow Creek Medical Assisting (MA)

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