Counselor Profiles

PCC students may visit any counselor they choose. Below are profiles of all of the counselors available at Cascade Campus, Rock Creek Campus, Southeast Campus and Sylvania Campus.

Counselors at Cascade Campus

Cascade Counseling Services | SS 150 | 971-722-5271

Pamela Miller-Tatro, M.A.
Pam Miller-Tatro

Pam is the Counseling Department Chair at Cascade. She has been counseling and teaching at Portland Community College for over 20 years. She began her career as a counseling intern at PCC when she was pursuing her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at Lewis and Clark College. She specializes in personal and academic counseling and particularly enjoys assisting students who experience difficulties in the study of math and science. She teaches CG courses each term as well as Abnormal Psychology and Human Sexuality.

Carly Clark, MS, NCC
Carly Clark Carly has been teaching and counseling at PCC since 2007. She has experience in helping students manage test, general and social anxiety, exploring personal relationships and life transitions, developing healthy communication skills, creating work/life balance and developing organization strategies for college success. Carly works with students in identifying barriers to academic, personal and career goals, and helps them to develop individualized short and long term strategies to enhance their personal and academic experience.
Keith Dempsey, Ph.D., LPC
Keith Dempsey Keith Dempsey has been teaching and counseling at PCC since 2006. He earned both a Masters in Counseling and a Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from Oregon State University. Keith has 15+ years of professional experience in the helping field. He has served as mentor, advocate and clinical social worker in his community of North/Northeast Portland. He has been a volunteer at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, Self Enhancement Inc., Salvation Army, Kappa League Youth Program and the Perspective Gentleman’s Club. Keith enjoys working with PCC students to explore their personal and professional journey.
Simone Frank, M.A.
Simone Frank

Simone has been with PCC since 1990. She has held a number of positions at the college including Counselor for students in the Steps to Success Program, High School Completion Specialist, and Technical Learning Skills Specialist. Simone joined the Counseling team at Cascade Campus in 1998. Simone earned her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College in 1988.

Counselors at Rock Creek Campus

Rock Creek Campus Counseling Services | Bldg. 9, Rm. 118 | 971-722-7300

Jim Earley, MA
Jim Earley

Jim Earley is the Counseling Department Chair at Rock Creek. He received his MA in counseling and guidance from New Mexico State University, but before that he was an assistant professor in Developmental English and College Studies at a community college in southern New Mexico. He enjoys working with students to create and meet career and life goals through times of change, and has worked extensively in the area of alcohol and drug treatment. He specializes in the use of cognitive strategies and motivational interviewing to help people to assess readiness for personal, family, and career change and to assist in the process of taking steps toward meeting goals in these areas.

Adrian Rodriguez, M.Ed.
Adrian Rodriguez

Adrian Rodriquez received his M.Ed. in Counseling at Northern Arizona University in 1995. Through teaching, counseling, advising, and service, he enjoys working with students holistically supporting their personal and educational goals. His areas of interest include college and life transitions, identity development, multicultural perspective, GLBT identity, language development, retention and study skills.

Nancy Stoutenburg, M.A.
Nancy Stoutenburg

Nancy Stoutenburg received her M.A. in Systems Counseling from the Leadership Institute of Seattle at Bastyr University. After working part-time at Rock Creek, Cascade and SE Campus, Nancy has now happily returned to Rock Creek in a counselor job-share position. She has taught New Directions, Project Independence, and Life Tracks at Rock Creek, St. Helens, and SE for students in transition. Before coming to PCC, Nancy was the career counselor at Pacific Northwest College of Art, as well as enjoying a private practice as a life/career coach. With her past experience coaching, Nancy enjoys working with students on career, academic, and personal issues using an action oriented approach.

Counselors at Southeast Campus

Southeast Campus Counseling Services | SCOM 116 | Appointments made through Information Desk: 971-722-6240

Angelina Davis, M.S., CRC
Angelina Davis

Angelina is the Counseling Department Chair at the Southeast Campus. She has been counseling and teaching career guidance classes at PCC for 10 years. She has a Masters in Counseling Education from Portland State University with a focus in Rehabilitation Counseling. She holds a national certification as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. Angelina uses a client-centered approach in helping students through the application of cognitive, behavioral and systematic counseling strategies. Her underlying belief is in the dignity and worth of all people. Areas of interest include students who experience a disability, veterans, transition and adjustment, GBLT, anxiety, and injured workers looking to retrain.

Shannan Fasold, M.S.
Shannan Fasold

Shannan completed her Master’s degree from Colorado State University in 1994 and since then has worked in a variety of educational settings including large public universities, small liberal arts colleges, and community colleges. “Once I started working at a community college, I knew that I found my ‘home.’ I enjoy working with the diverse student population, helping them to identify their unique strengths and to apply those talents to their educational and career choices.” Shannan has interests in personal and career counseling and has served as adjunct faculty, teaching Human Development classes including career exploration, college success, relationships, stress management and assertive communication.

Catha Loomis, Ed.D.
Catha Loomis

In her 30+ year career, Catha has worked in higher education, private industry, government and social agency settings. She has been a community college counselor and instructor for over 20 years. Catha retired from Mt. Hood Community College in 2003 and works part-time for PCC, primarily at the Southeast Campus. She has masters and doctoral degrees in counseling.

Counselors at Sylvania Campus

Sylvania Campus Counseling Services | CC 216 | 971-722-4531

Sonya Bedient, M.A.
Sonya Bedient

Sonya Bedient is the Counseling Department Chair at Sylvania. She began as an intern with PCC and has been working in the counseling department since 1998. Sonya completed her Associates of Arts degree at Clark College, a B.A. in Psychology from Western Washington University and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College. She has interests in personal and career counseling. In addition Sonya can draw from her own personal experience as a community college student in assisting others at PCC.

Tammy Dowd, M.S., C.R.C.
Tammy Dowd Tammy holds a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with a specialization in Deafness from San Diego State University, Magna Cum Laude. She has over 14 years of experience counseling students in higher education, and over 13 years of experience teaching at the community college, university, and graduate levels. Tammy uses an individualized method to counseling, incorporating Rehabilitation Counseling theory which emphasizes a client-centered method to maximizing individual potential and eliminating barriers to success. She employs a collaborative and supportive approach to assist clients pursuing their full personal and academic potential, including solution-focused, holistic, and cognitive-behavioral strategies. Areas of Interest include Veterans and military dependents, transition and adjustment, stress/time/organization management, and students who experience a disability (ADHD, LD, ASD, PTSD, etc).
Jackie Elliott, M.S., NCC, LPC
Jackie Elliott

Jackie Elliott earned a Masters degree in counseling from Portland State University in Counselor Education in 1999. She has several years’ experience working with students in different college settings. Some of this work includes teaching ESL, coordinating Literacy volunteers to tutor students, working with students with disabilities, and advising students in the Sylvania ROOTS Program. In her current role as a counselor, Jackie particularly enjoys working with students who are new to the college experience. She has counseling experience in areas of career, life transitions, school issues, domestic violence, self-esteem, stress management, women’s issues, depression, grief/loss, cognitive/communication skills, and GBLT issues.

Hal Lee, M.A., LPC
Hal Lee

Hal has worked at PCC for 25 years, initially as an instructor in the Professional Music program. Since then he has worked in Student Services as an Academic Advisor, High School Completion Specialist, and more recently as a member of the Sylvania campus Counseling staff. He currently teaches an online class in "Career and Life Planning." Hal received his M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College.

Anne O'Reilly, MA
Anne O'ReillyAnne O'Reilly has been with the college since 1993. She has worked in a variety of settings at PCC, providing academic advising, case management and crisis intervention to a diverse group of students. Anne earned her Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2005 and has served as a Mental Health Therapist at the YWCA of Greater Portland for six years, both as an intern and a volunteer. Anne uses a holistic approach in working with students and is interested in providing both personal and career counseling. She has experience working with students in the midst of life or career transitions, sexual minority/LGBTQ identified students, and students experiencing crisis, depression, or anxiety.