Sylvania Art Faculty

Faculty Profiles

Christine Weber
Christine Weber Christine holds an MA in Art History from the University of Washington with a focus on Modern Art and Critical Theory. As an undergraduate, she completed an interdisciplinary studies BA at Western Oregon University and studied literature and theater at the University of Cambridge in England.

As a graduate student, she conducted archival research in Western and Central Europe and wrote a Master’s Thesis on the Bauhaus, titled The Architect and the Hausfrau: The Haus am Horn and the New Woman. In Seattle, she assisted painter Norman Lundin on the exhibition, Perception of Appearances: A Decade of Contemporary American Figure Drawing at the Frye Art Museum. She has worked as an assistant in the collection of Native Alaskan art and artifacts at the Jensen Museum in Monmouth, Oregon. She has also worked in New York at New York University’s Grey Art Gallery and curated a show on literature and the landscape at NYU’s Bobst Library.

Christine has taught art history at Pacific Northwest College of Art and Mount Hood Community College and has been teaching at Portland Community College since 2006. She teaches the Modern Art sequence, Women in Art, the History of Graphic Design, Understanding the Visual Arts and Understanding New Media Arts.
Hillary Barsky
Hillary Barsky Live in portland, oregon work in gouache, clay, acrylic, graphite, micron pen. In other words; painting, drawing, clay, photo manipulation, animation, photography. I enjoy integrating the organic with the imaginary. I like sometimes using a formal structure to contrast with organic shapes. I want the viewer to see shifting configurations in the pieces. More recently, i have been photographing unoccupied spaces, often thru windows. See some of my work at
Angela Batchelor
Angela Batchelor Angela Batchelor received her M.F.A from Boise State University in 2007. She grew up in Idaho, but currently calls Portland, Oregon home where she lives with her husband and two sons. She teaches Basic Design, Drawing and Printmaking courses for PCC. Her most recent studio work consists of a mixture of drawing, printmaking, calligraphy and artist books. Much of Angela’s work incorporates organs, insects and other natural forms to discuss fragility and the fleeting quality of life.

My teaching philosophy has developed from my own artistic interests and practices. As an artist I want to be constantly challenged and inspired, so this desire is transferred to how I approach teaching. My goal is to develop a curriculum that I would be excited and stimulated by – one that will cultivate this type of experience for my students. I desire for my students see a clear connection between an excitement for my own work and for my position as their instructor. Website:
Evertt Beidler
Evertt Beidler

Evertt Beidler has taught welding at PCC Sylvania for the past two years. While casting and fabrication are central processes to his work, his studio practice is driven by his interest in the relationship between material, content, and form.

Images and reviews of Evertt’s work have been featured in publications such as Sculpture Magazine, The Daily Constitutional, The Oregonian, and the Willamette Week. His exhibition record includes group exhibitions at the Grounds for Sculpture (Hamilton, New Jersey), and the Nu-Art Series Gallery (St. Louis, Missouri), as well as solo exhibitions at Gallery II (Washington State University-Pullman), the Autzen Gallery (Portland State University), and Gallery 500 (Portland, Oregon).

Presently Evertt is producing a series of works that incorporate video, installation, sculpture, and performance. For more information about Evertt and his work please visit his website at

Bruce Conkle
Bruce ConkleBruce Conkle declares an affinity for mysterious natural phenomenon such as snow, crystals, volcanos, rainbows, fire, tree burls, and meteorites. His work combines art and humor to address contemporary attitudes toward nature and the environment, including deforestation and climate change. Conkle's work often deals with man's place within nature, and frequently examines what he calls the "misfit quotient" at the crossroads. His work has shown around the world, including Reykjavik, Ulaanbaatar, Rio De Janeiro, New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle, and Portland. Recent projects include public art commissions for the Oregon Department of Transportation, TriMet/MAX Light Rail, and Portland State University's Smith Memorial Student Union Public Art + Residency. In 2011 Bruce received a Hallie Ford Fellowship and in 2010 and an Oregon Arts Commission Artist Fellowship. His 2012 show Tree Clouds was awarded a project grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council.
Michael Creger
Michael Creger Michael Creger is a sculptor and teacher who has been working in the Portland, Oregon area since 1995. He works with a variety of materials including bronze, aluminum, steel, cast glass, and stone. His sculpture involves ideas of language, philosophy, history, and spirituality. He explores questions about who we are as human beings; our interconnectedness, and the boundaries of our human potential.
Gene Flores

Gene was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. The youngest of eight, he graduated with a BFA from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). He then received a fellowship to attend the University of Iowa where he received his MA and MFA with honors in printmaking. After graduating Iowa he returned to El Paso where he soon became the Gallery Director as well as teaching basic drawing courses at UTEP. After three years he moved from El Paso and returned to Iowa City. Gene taught a life drawing course at the University of Iowa, while at the same time, was hired as a preparator at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A year later Gene moved to Portland, Oregon where he met his wife and became a part-time art instructor at Portland Community College as well as Clackamas Community College. Gene was hired full-time at Portland Community College in 2005 where he continues to teach life drawing, basic drawing and printmaking courses. Gene Flores and his wife live in Washington state.

All my works are self-portraits, a reflection of my life, from the death of my father to the joys of being alive. My images have been described as humorous, insightful, and disturbing. Many of works are a play on words and imagery, with mythological creatures and a combination of human and animal characters (logic and instinct) playing a vital role. I view my works as a window to another world with reoccurring characters and themes. My work tiptoes between surreal and absurd. When making my art, I play the role of the viewer and try to capture a glimpse into this strange world, a world where anything is possible and where anything can, and often does, happen.

Kim Manchester
Kim Manchester is a photographer who is interested in the stories of space, place, objects and home. She explores the histories, memories and narratives that can be excavated and communicated through the photograph. Kim works with both digital and film as well as the occasional textile and/or tactile project and enjoys exploring the elements of audience engagement and social practice. She is the lead faculty for Photography at PCC Sylvania and works and lives in Portland, Oregon.
Nathan Marcel
Nathan Marcel Nate Marcel has been an adjunct drawing instructor at Portland Community College since 2004. In addition to teaching and lecturing for PCC, Marcel is a freelance illustrator, producing traditional and digital-based artwork for private clients and collectors. His recent works can be seen on his blog. Mr. Marcel received his Bachelor’s Degree in drawing, painting and printmaking in 2001, and his MFA from Portland State University in 2003. He has been drawing and painting in a professional capacity since 1995.

Although Nate works in mixed genres and multiple media, his work is always directly anchored in the drawing experience. He has trained as a fine artist and studied fine arts extensively, including architecture and both modern and ancient sculpture, but the majority of his skills have centered around illustration. Mr. Marcel’s heaviest influences include Silver Age and European sequential art, Secession movement artists, The Cubists, 19th Century illustration and art from the Northern Renaissance. His tastes are eclectic and diverse, dipping heavily into the naive well of Outsider, Art Brut and Kitch culture.

When students enroll in Nate Marcel’s classes, he will most notably stress the importance of building a new way of "seeing". Nate approaches drawing fundamentals by first training students in layers to observe the largest forms first, then build details to complement and complete the needed content. He stresses perspective study to build skills in seeing and flattening three-dimensional space, and as a much needed means towards a realistic comprehensive skill level goal. Mr. Marcel supplements all of his teaching with lectures, critiques and examinations of the historical visual media which builds the context for a greater appreciation of drawing in students of all ability levels, and art in general, as well as demystifying, by example, a complex and demanding subject of study.
Rochelle Kulei Nielsen
Rochelle Kulei Nielsen Rochelle Nielsen lives in Vancouver, Washington and works in Portland, Oregon. Rochelle is a Graduate in the MFA Contemporary Studio Practice at Portland State University, 2012. Received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Marylhurst, University, 2009. Rochelle is very involved in the Native American community. As well as working for the Evergreen School District as a coordinator for the Native American Education Youth Program. Adjunct Professor at Portland Community College. She is a member of the Northwest Band of Shoshone Tribe.
Cora Pearl
Cora Pearl Cora Pearl is a calligrapher and lettering artist and has been doing calligraphy since 1978. Cora got her B.A. in Art and Art History at Oberlin College where she taught calligraphy at the Experimental College and also studied Chinese calligraphy. In addition to teaching calligraphy and hand lettering at PCC, Cora also teaches private sessions and does commissions for poetry, quotations and certificates as well as calligraphy and lettering for special events. In 2012, Cora had the honor of creating an honorary degree for the Dalai Lama.
Lance Pynes
Lance Pynes has taught in the Portland Metro area for over twenty years in courses as varied as Art History, Introduction to the Fine Arts ~ Architecture, Music, Theatre, Dance, Art, & Film; Mixed Media, Painting, Basic Design, and Drawing. His work often plays with the elements of representation, abstraction, and non-representation in the development of 2-D images.
Julianne Parse Sandlin
Julianne Parse Sandlin Julianne Parse Sandlin is an art historian, who received her PhD from Florida State University. Her studies focused on the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Her primary area of research is architecture, especially exploring the manner in which the patron's influence manifests itself in the building. At Portland Community College, she teaches courses on architectural history and the History of Western Art (from the Prehistoric era through the seventeenth century). Julianne is enthusiastic about teaching art and architectural history. Her goal is to help students understand the works as meaningful objects, each reflecting the social, political, religious, and economic climate of the time in which it was made. A native of North Carolina, Julianne moved to Oregon in 2011 to teach at Portland Community College. She enjoys exploring all the new things that Oregon and the West Coast have to offer.
Rachel Siegel
Rachel Siegel Rachel Siegel lives in Portland, Oregon. She teaches photography for Portland Community College. She serves on the Portland Women in Art Lecture Series committee. Her artistic work includes photography, digital prints, artist’s books, video, and installation work. Rachel weaves together multiple interests, often using humor and playfulness to investigate issues that are significant to her, including body image, family, health and labor. Rachel works on collaborative and solo projects. She has exhibited national and internationally, received grant funding for projects and her work is owned by private and institutional collections. Her MFA is from University at Buffalo, State University New York. And her BFA is from University of California, Berkeley.
Marie Sivak, Department Chair
Marie Sivak

BFA, Sculpture University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA), MFA, Sculpture & Extended Media Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond,VA)

Marie teaches Sculpture and Three Dimensional Design. Locally, solo exhibitions have been mounted at Laura Russo Gallery, Blackfish Gallery, Contemporary Crafts Museum, and the IFCC. Marie's work has recently been shown nationally and internationally at the Museum of Arts and Crafts (Itami, Japan), Nancy Margolis Gallery (New York), Art London with Panter & Hall Gallery (London, UK), The Drawing Gallery (London, UK), Kunstihoone, (Tallinn, Estonia) and Palazzo Pretorio (Volterra, Italy). Her sculpture was featured in a solo exhibition entitled Ephemera: Recent Work in Video and Stone at A.I.R. Gallery in New York (April 2008). Marie has won many grants and awards. She was the 2005 winner of the Yeck National Young Sculptors Competition and an Artist in Residence at the Berllanderi Sculpture Workshop, (Wales, UK). She has been the recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship, a grant from the Ruth Chenven Foundation, and two Regional Arts and Culture Council Grants. Marie's work has been collected internationally and may be found in the public collections of Miami University (Oxford, OH), the municipality of Volterra, Italy, and the Victoria and Albert Museum (London, UK).

Philosophy: At the heart of my creative practice is a respect and awe of the beauty and conceptual power of materials. My interdisciplinary work combines stone carving, fibers, video, drawing, and performance. I have traveled to the mountains of Carrara and the Tuscan hills of Volterra in Italy to learn techniques of master stone carvers, artisans, and artists, which I share with my students. I believe in teaching both traditional techniques and experimentation so that students may begin to move fluidly from one medium to another to express their ideas.

Micki Skudlarczyk
Micki SkudlarczykMicki Skudlarczyk is an artist / educator living and working in Portland. Her work investigates with the psychological and emotional realities surrounding life and the physical transition to death. Micki is a multi-media artist whose foundation is rooted in the ceramic arts. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States as well as shown in Canada, Mexico and the Netherlands. This past year she worked as a collaborating artist in the Netherlands, and was selected to be an artist in residence at the Fundacion Gruber, Jez in Cholul, Mexico in 2008 and at the LH Project in Joseph, Oregon, in 2007. She has been awarded fellowships and grants, most recently a Lighton International Artists Exchange Program Grant from the Kansas City Artists Coalition and a Career Opportunity Grant from the Oregon Arts Commission. She received her Master of Fine Art from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
Mark R. Smith
Mark R. SmithMark R. Smith holds a BS degree from Western Oregon University, a BFA from the Cooper Union and an MFA from Portland State University. He maintains an active studio practice and has completed several large-scale public art projects in the region, most recently for Trimet and Western Oregon University. Past exhibition venues include White Columns and The Drawing Center in New York City, Zimmerly Art Museum at Rutgers University and the Portland Art Museum. His work is also featured in three current book publications; Artists and Maps, from Princeton Architectural Press, Forty Years of Murals in New York City, from University of Mississippi Press, and 100 Artists of the West Coast II, from Schiffer Books. Mark is the recipient of a 2010 Oregon Arts Commission Visual Artist Fellowship. His work is represented in Portland at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. Mark's work can be seen at Elizabeth Leach Gallery and Lewis & Clark Howard Hall.