Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Faculty Profiles

Jacqueline Ehlis

Jacqueline Ehlis, Department Chair

Central to Jacqueline Ehlis' teaching philosophy is that the experience of making art as a practice within an aesthetic context contributes to the invaluable effort to put the individual in possession of all of one's powers. Ehlis believes in the worth and creative power of any individual. Jacqueline Ehlis received her M.F.A. at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; her B.F.A. at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon; and her A.A. at Portland Community College. Selected solo exhibitions include; Couture, Stipend Exhibition Award, New American Art Union, Portland, Oregon, Juror: Ruth Ann Brown and selected group exhibitions; Las Vegas Diaspora, Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada, Curator: Dave Hickey.

Elizabeth Bilyeu

Elizabeth Bilyeu teaches the Modern Art History sequence, the Honors History of Western Art sequence, the Introduction to Art sequence, and Women in Art at Cascade Campus. She often asks students to venture out of the classroom to apply their skills critiquing art and architecture. She says, "along with the history, I focus on practicing with students the language of art -- skills of visual analysis. This gives them confidence in front of original works of art. It is there face-to-face with the work that you best learn to look at, think about, and discuss art." Elizabeth earned an MA in Art History from Washington University, St. Louis, and an MA in Feminism and the Visual Arts from the University of Leeds in England. In Fall term 2009, she taught in the Study Abroad Program in Florence, Italy.
vanessa calvert

Vanessa Calvert

Vanessa Calvert received her M.F.A. in 2009 from Portland State University and her B.A. from Whitman College in 2003. She is a mixed media sculpture and installation artist and has shown in Oregon and Washington at places including Disjecta, Igloo, Autzen, FalseFront Studio, and Broderick Gallery.
"My teaching philosophy centers on helping students develop a growing ability to question what, why, and how they are making work while building a strong relationship with the materials and concepts they are using. I encourage a transdisciplinary approach to making work with a level of engagement that moves beyond technique alone and wherein students inform their work using methods and frameworks from outside fields."
karen esler

Karen Esler

Karen Esler is an MFA graduate of Vermont College with a focus on painting and critical studies. She teaches painting, life painting and life drawing. Her professional art practice is primarily two dimensional, painting and drawing, figurative and landscapes. Her work is shown in Portland, Oregon, at Augen Gallery.
Mic Marusek

Mic Marusek

Mic Marusek shares years of commercial and documentary experience with her photography students. She values sending them out in the field to test their equipment, aesthetic sense, conceptual perspective and their own minds while pushing them all beyond expectation. Her teaching approach is practical and folksy while never straying from the importance of technical mastery and intellectual growth. She has been teaching at PCC since 2009 and loving every minute of it. She earned her BA in education and BFA in painting from Ohio University. She earned her MFA from New Mexico State University.
Sam Morgan

Sam Morgan

  • BFA Studio Arts, U Colorado Boulder - CO 1993
  • MFA Ceramics, Alfred U - NY 1996
JulieAnne Poncet

JulieAnne Poncet

Hello, my name is JulieAnne Poncet and I have been teaching art history courses at PCC for six years. I was born in Portland, Oregon, but grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, returning to Portland in 2002. I have an AA degree in Fine Arts from Ohlone College, Fremont CA, a bachelors degree in Art History from the University of California, Berkeley, and a masters degree in Art History from University College, London, England. I teach a sequence ART101, 102 and 103 as well as ART204, 205, 206, and ART215. I have also taught at PSU and Marylhurst University, as well as spent three years working as the curator's assistant at the Portland Art Museum.

amber stene

Amber Vanhatala Stene

I'm a teacher of visual art. I hold an MFA in fine art. And I have a strong working history as a creative graphic design professional. My design work is strategically concepted and target-driven. My fine art is also driven by concept and message, and is created to invite viewer participation.
In teaching, I strive to fuel the passion to create successful art. To do this, I build an excitement about art by showing students examples of current movements in art, providing resources and training in art, and referring them to specific artists whose work will serve to inspire. In return, I get the joy of watching students explore, experiment, and grow in their work.
Ultimately, I feel the successful art and design student will be self-motivated, self-critical, and a creative thinker who is able to produce work that is visually arresting and meaningful. This is what I teach, and this is a great job to have.
Marlana Stoddard Hayes

Marlana Stoddard Hayes

Teaching Philosophy: As an artist I have always been interested in making work that is thoughtful, generous and organic in quality (meaning growth over time)…also accessible to most people and hopefully, beautiful. As an art instructor, I also hold to these beliefs and strive to embody them in my manner as a teacher and mentor to aspiring artists.

Since all of us come from different perspectives and life experiences, I do wait for each person to tell some of who they are before I make suggestions for growth or change. My manner is gentle and quietly persuasive, but mature in focus and honed through years of practice. I feel it is my privilege to help a person unfold in their artistic search and sincerely look forward to every single class I teach; to learn and know about the many varied people in our world. Since I am very interested and concerned about the natural world and its challenges and sensitivities, I do use materials that are from nature as source materials for drawings and paintings and for course problems.

James R. White

Raised and educated in the Pacific Northwest, Jim completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Religion at the University Of Puget Sound in Tacoma Washington. After a year of teaching English in Tokyo, Japan he returned to UPS and finished a second undergraduate degree in studio art. After receiving his MFA degree in ceramics and ceramic sculpture from the School for American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1997, he traveled to Kanazawa, Japan and had the distinction of being the first American apprentice at the pottery studio of Chozaemon Ohi, a family renowned over 11 generations for their production of ceramic vessels used in the Japanese Tea ceremony. From 2000-2009 he was a full time faculty member teaching ceramics and design courses at Joliet Junior College in Joliet, Illinois. In 2009 he and his family relocated back to Portland where he is an adjunct instructor of ceramics at Portland Community College and works as a studio artist. He is a nationally and internationally exhibited artist.