ESOL – Cascade Language Lab

Cascade Campus TEB 214

students working in the language lab

The Cascade Language Lab is for currently enrolled ESOL, Spanish, and Chinese language students. It is a great place for ESOL students to learn how to type and use computers, practice English pronunciation and grammar, do homework, check email and work on projects. In addition to software programs, there is a list of favorite websites available on every computer in the lab and a handout of useful ESOL internet sites.

When you come to the lab during open hours, please sign into Tutortrac on the back wall using your G number. Food, drinks, and children are not allowed in the lab.

Open Lab Hours Summer 2014

Please log in to Tutortrac!

If a class is being held in the lab, most teachers will allow students to come in if space is available. If you drop in while a class is in session, please quietly sign in on Tutortrac, sit in the back, and work quietly.

Monday and Wednesday:
Closed for classes
1 to 5pm
2 to 5pm
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:

Click here to view a list of Available Software

  • Microsoft Office 2007:
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Typing
    • Ultra Key 4.0
  • Beginning ESOL
    • Live Action English, Oxford Picture Dictionary
  • ESOL Pronunciation:
    • Ellis Master Pronunciation, American Speechsounds
  • Typing:
    • Ultra Key 4.0
  • Advanced ESOL Reading:
    • Ultimate Speed Reader
  • Internet Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
  • ESOL Grammar:
    • Grammar in Context
Do you need help with computers? Come to the lab!
  • Learn the basics: using the mouse and typing.
  • Practice using the Internet to write an email, navigate the PCC website, and search the web.
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Word to create, edit, save, and print documents.
  • Learn how to use PowerPoint to create great visual aids for your presentations.

Meet Skyler!

Skyler Stearns

Skyler Stearns is an ESOL instructor at PCC Cascade, and he also works in the lab to help ESOL students learn to use computers and the language learning software available in the lab. Skyler is available as a drop-in tutor for both ESOL and Spanish students, and can help all students with computers.

Skyler is in the Language Lab spring term:

1 to 5pm
2 to 5pm