Don't Get Deleted!

What does the chair mean?

The chair in the MyPCC Don't Get Deleted channel tells you if your courses are going to be deleted.

grey chair icon
You are not registered for any courses.
chair icon with caution symbol
You still need to do something to protect your courses.
chair icon with green check
Your courses are currently protected from being deleted!
chair icon with deleted symbol
Your courses were deleted for non-payment.

Payment is due two weeks before the start of the term. If you do not have a payment arrangement with the college by the due date, we may delete your course registrations. If that happens, you will lose your seat in all your classes.

Do not count on the college to remove you from classes. It is up to you to manage your own schedule and drop any courses you will be unable to attend. Find out how to drop a class.

Check if your courses are protected

  1. Log into MyPCC and go to the Paying for College tab
  2. Look at the chair in the Don't Get Deleted channel
  3. Check back when there has been a change to your student account, for example:
    • adding or dropping a class
    • changing your payment arrangements
    • a change in your financial aid or VA benefits

How to protect your courses

Follow the steps for your payment type by the payment due date to make sure your courses are protected from being deleted.

Not sure how you are paying?

Go to Ways to Pay and find a payment option that works for you. Then come back here to see what you need to do to protect your classes.

Using more than one way to pay?

Any one of the above will protect your course registrations so long as it is completed by the payment due date

Worried that your payment arrangement won't be done on time?

You need to find another way to pay. Check out one of our payment plans

chair icon with deleted symbol

What happens if your courses get deleted?

  • You will see the red deleted symbol on your chair in the Don't Get Deleted channel.
  • You will get an email letting you know that you have been removed from all of your course registrations.
  • If you need to take the class, you will have to register again and you'll need to pay immediately.
  • It will affect your financial aid, scholarships or other benefits that you are expecting.