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We're interested in what you're interested in! We're constantly looking for new class ideas and new subjects that will allow our students to explore, create, grow or discover. Do you have an idea for a new class? Fill out the form below and click the submit button. We would like to hear from you!

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At PCC Community Education, our classes are taught for the community, by the community! We're always looking for new, enthusiastic teachers. Do you have a special or skill, interest or hobby you would like to pass on? Professional certification is not required – just experience with and passion for your subject, and an ability to share it with others. Fill out the form below to contact us via email. If we have an opening, we will contact you and request a cover letter, resume and detailed course proposal, and meet with you to evaluate how you might fit in our program. Then you could be on your way to teaching for us in an upcoming term!

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Do you know someone who would be good at teaching this class? Let us know.