Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

General Coursework Description

Students will sign up for at least 14 general education credits. All program participants are required to enroll in an Italian language course for 4 credits and Italian Life and Culture course for 2 credits. In addition to these courses, students will enroll in two more elective courses.

Required Course Offerings

Students are required to enroll in both courses listed below, for a total of 6 credits.

ITAL XXX - First Year Italian (4 credits)
Taught by the AIFS faculty, the course is designed for beginner students and emphasizes active communication in Italian. Student will develop basic skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking the Italian language. No previous Italian language experience is required to apply for this program

ITAL XXX - Italian Life and Culture (2 credits)
Taught by AIFS faculty, the student will gain a broad overview of contemporary Italian society by examining cultural traditions and values. Besides topical lectures by native guest speakers, the course engages students in experiential learning through field trips to such historic and cultural sites as the Estruscan Fiesole, the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia, and the Pitti Palace.

Elective Course Offerings

Students are required to enroll in two elective courses selected from the following, taught by Oregon faculty.

COMM XXX - Fundamentals of Public Speaking (4 credits)
Introduces how to prepare and deliver public speeches with an emphasis on informative speaking. Develops understanding and practical application of communication skills and includes techniques in controlling speech anxiety, structuring and organizing information to present to a variety of audiences, and physical and vocal delivery skills.

COMM XXX - Intercultural communication(4 credits)
Explores the impact of culture on communication. Investigates how elements like language, nonverbal communication, values, beliefs, worldview, and identity impact communication between different cultures and co-cultures.

COMM XXX - Gender and Communication(4 credits)
Covers every aspect of the role of gender in communication from a global perspective. Includes sex-differentiated language and conversational styles and the impact of the mass media on sex roles.

Please Note:Students will register for their study abroad classes during the mandatory, program pre-departure orientation session. As such, students will NOT have to enroll in any regular PCC courses during the regularly scheduled summer course registration period that occurs during the prior spring term.

Oregon International Education Consortium

The Oregon International Education Consortium (OIEC) offers this unique program to enable students to study abroad while making normal progress toward their degree objectives. Typically, students earn 8-15 transferable credits in courses taught by community college faculty from Portland Community College, Central Oregon Community College, Chemeketa Community College, Clackamas Community College, Mt. Hood Community College and Rogue Community College. Credits earned will appear on the transcript of their home Oregon community college.