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Gallery hours

Tuesday – Saturday:


PCC Cascade's Paragon Art Gallery Presents: Making Change, featuring prints from Justseeds. The gallery will be hosting a variety of free, interactive events and workshops that are open to the public to promote positive social change.

Art collective Justseeds will be featuring a month-long exhibit of two print portfolios:

Making Change
  • This is an Emergency (East Gallery)
  • We are the Storm (West Gallery)

For more info about Justseeds:

Making Change Events and Workshops

Find the full event schedule and latest details:


Tuesday, May 16:

5-7pm Chelsea can Midde & Crystal Villegas Creative Circle: coloring, tea, aroma therapy, and open group discussion

Wednesday, May 17:

12-5pm p:ear: Building positive relationships with homeless and transitional youths through art and education

5-7pm Dave Hedburg and Melissa Lang Portland Heritage Trees - Our Shared History

Thursday, May18:

3-4:30pm; 5:30-7pm Tyler White: Presentation on the intersection of art and history in North Portland

Friday, May 19:

12-5pm Bobby Fouther: Workshop for making positive word spaces with fabric, stencils, and more

5-7pm Kalimah Abiota screening SIGHT: With performances from Avery Gilbert, Jamondria Harris, Jai Hurdle, Yafe Aros.

Saturday, May 20:

12:30-2:30pm Parfait: In the Shoes of an Immigrant: By means of songs, stories, and introspective activities, empathy specialist and singer-songwriter Parfait Bassale takes participants on a journey with the immigrant.

2:30-5pm Bobby Foulther: Workshop for making positive word spaces with fabric, stencils, and more

12-7pm Circle of Healing: Hosted by Portland Two Spirits Society

Tuesday, May 23:

5-7pm Public Annex

Wednesday, May 24:

1-4pm Anne Greenwood: Sewing workshop

12-7pm Julie Keefe: Photographer

Thursday, May 25:

12:30-1:30pm Vanessa Renwick: Land of the Free

3:30-7pm Paper Eclipse Puppet Company: Playing with Light and Shadows

8-8:30pm Special Performance

Friday, May 26:

5-7pm Garima Thakur: Mountain of Rice "Can we all share a meal? Can we all eat with our hands? Can we all read while we eat? Let's all have an Indian dinner together? Does that sound good to you?"

Saturday, May 27:

4-7pm Perla Bonilla: Journal Making Workshop

3-7pm Lary Yes: The Word Love again and again and again…