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Website testers needed!

Give us 20 minutes of input and earn a $10 bookstore gift card!

Who can do it?

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We need input from all kinds of students. You absolutely do not need to be a “computer person”!

  • current or future students
  • students with disabilities
  • first-generation students
  • non-native English speakers
  • veteran students

We’re always trying to make the website easier to use. But first, we need to know how students are using it. We’re looking for student testers to:

  • Explore beta websites
  • Help find accessibility issues
  • Test systems for bugs
  • Show us how you use the website!

Want to help? Nice!

  1. Sign up online. (You’ll need to be logged into your PCC or Gmail account. Click an appointment time to reserve a spot.)
  2. Come in for a 20-minute session. (Locations are flexible).
  3. We show you a website, you try to use it. Easy!
  4. You get a $10 bookstore card.
  5. All done!