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Portland Community College’s student government boasts some forty campus-based student organizers, spread across PCC’s four main campuses — Cascade, Sylvania, Southeast and Rock Creek. Each campus has its own student government, called ASPCC (short for the Associated Students of Portland Community College). And each ASPCC team has its own Executive Team, which is made up of the Student Body President, the Director of Legislative Affairs, the Director of Student Programs/Events, and the Eco Social Justice Director. Together, the Executive Team members from those four campuses — with the exception of the Director of Student Programs/Events — form the twelve voting members of the District Student Council (DSC). The DSC is supported by the Chair and the Chief of Staff, who are non-voting members and make up the District Executive Team.




District Student Council: Your Student Voice

The District Student Council‘s mission is to uplift all Portland Community College Students.

The DSC commits itself to diversity as it relates to awareness, education, and practice at every level of our organization. The DSC embraces people of all backgrounds, including but not limited to ethnicity, culture, race, sex, gender (identity and expression), class, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, learning style, and political perspective. We believe our core values are strengthened when all students have voice and representation. The resulting inclusive organizational climate promotes the development of broad-minded members of Portland Community College who make positive contributions to their local and global communities.

All Student Leaders with Administration


  1. Equity: Promote equity & inclusion
  2. Leadership: Build leadership capacity for students 
  3. Community: Facilitate community on campus
  4. Growth: Foster the growth of students
  5. Sustainability: Nurture environmental stewardship and accountability to future generations

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DSC Meetings

Schedule of 2019-2020 Meetings

Meetings are held from 9 a.m. to 12 noon

DSC meeting schedule
Date Location Notes Agenda and Minutes
August 27-29 Silver Falls Conference Center Training
September 27 Cascade Campus Student Union Room 203/204 Public Meeting/Business Meeting Agenda, Minutes
October 11 CLIMB Center Room 102 Work Session Agenda, Minutes
November 1 Southeast Campus Mt Tabor 100 Public Meeting/ Business Meeting Agenda, Minutes
November 15 CLIMB Center Room 102 Work Session Agenda, Minutes
November 22 Rock Creek Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting Agenda, Minutes
December 12 (Thursday) CLIMB Center Room 102 Work Session Agenda, Minutes
January 10 Sylvania Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting Agenda, Minutes
January 24 CLIMB Center Work Session Agenda, Minutes
February 7 Cascade Campus

Student Union Room 203/204

Public Meeting/Business Meeting Agenda, Minutes
February 21 CLIMB Center Work Session Agenda, Minutes
March 6 Southeast Campus Mt Tabor 100 Public Meeting/Business Meeting Agenda, Minutes
March 13 CLIMB Center Work Session Agenda, Minutes
April 3 Rock Creek Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting Agenda, Minutes
April 17 CLIMB Center Work Session Agenda, Minutes
May 1 Sylvania Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting Agenda, Minutes
May 15 CLIMB Center Work Session Agenda, Minutes
June 5 Cascade Campus

Student Union 203/204

Transition Meeting Agenda, Minutes

Committee Student Representation

If your committee would like a student representative, please fill out the Student Representation Request Form. The request will be sent to the District Student Council Chief of Staff, who will relay the request to DSC. Campus committee requests will go to the appropriate campus Student Body President. If yours is a district committee, the request will be brought to the District Student Council’s attention, who will select and vote on which student will serve on the committee.

In accordance with policy S705, any committee that recommends, formulates, or reviews academic or student affairs policies that impact the district is required to have student representation. The level of participation for the student representative is governed by the committee’s governing rules. Please be clear about committee expectations in your request form.

If you are a student seeking to sit on a district committee or have any questions or concerns, please contact the Chief of Staff to the District Student Council.

Dear DSC

Tell us your concerns, issues and/or questions by submitting a “Dear DSC” letter.

DSC Members

DSC Executive Team

Hannah Alzgal, DSC Chair & Student Trustee


Hannah first began her journey in engagement with the PCC community when she was selected for Student Life and Leadership’s Legislative Internship, through which she interned with Oregon State Senator Dembrow. Since then, Hannah has interned with Representative Keny-Geyer, worked on two successful campaigns, canvassed with organizations, such as APANO and “No on 105”, and worked as the Director of Communications for the District Student Council. In the last year, Hannah was selected as a director on the board for Next Up and to serve as Student Trustee and District Student Council Chair. Contact her today at hannah.alzgal@pcc.edu.


ASPCC Cascade Executive Team

Em Jones, Student Body President


Em Jones is studying Sustainable Agriculture and will graduate with her transfer degree in the Spring of 2020. She will continue her studies at Oregon State University, where she plans to earn a double degree in Horticulture and Sustainability.

Em is a garden nerd with a passion for social justice work! She believes that every person has the right to healthy, affordable food that meet their individual needs. Outside of the garden, Em loves to spend time with her dog and her chosen family. She loves listening to live music, rainbow hunting, hiking, playing Cribbage, and watching stand-up comedy specials from around the world.


Mia Bolte, Director of Legislative Affairs


Mia Bolte is starting her second year at PCC, where she is pursuing an Associates Degree. Mia plans to transfer to Lewis and Clark and get her bachelors, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Studies. She wants to work with the ACLU of Oregon after graduation, while spending a few years studying for the Oregon Bar Exam. She then plans to run for State Senate, then U.S. Senate, and then President in 2040.

Mia is very concerned about the climate crisis and its certain impact on future generations. It is the reason why she is pursuing a career in politics — because she feels the government needs more young people to push for with green politics. “If the climate crisis doesn’t get taken seriously now,” Mia says, “there will be no future.”

Mia is also very passionate about the reform America’s healthcare, education, and the justice systems. She is motivated to transform those systems into structures that actually help and serve the American people. She is, further, concerned with ending institutional and systemic oppression in American politics.


Riley Turner, Eco Social Justice Director


Riley is a full-time student at PCC Cascade, studying Political Science and working toward a transfer degree. He hopes to someday work as an attorney in Environmental Law.

Riley has an impressive history of non-profit work throughout Portland, including the Portland Rescue Mission and Trillium Family Services, which is the chief partner in the “Keep Oregon Well” initiative. Riley’s commitment to equity in food and housing make him an excellent fit for his work on the Food Justice Task Force, the Sustainability Leadership Council, and the Eco-Social Justice Coalition.

When he’s not at work or school, Riley spends his time consuming as much music as possible, studying game theory, and writing adventure modules for his favorite tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons! He lives in Southeast Portland with his roommates and his cat, Vincent, who is secretly in charge, obviously.

ASPCC Rock Creek Executive Team

Cheyenne Cleeton: Student Body President


Cheyenne is in her second year at PCC after taking a couple years off of college, she is working towards a degree in Addiction Counseling which she will be completed with that degree next year. Cheyenne plans on moving on to PSU to get a bachelors in Social Work, eventually finishing up her masters in Social Work. She has a strong interest in advocacy for food and housing insecurity, life experience with poverty and systemic bias have put her on the path she plans to woke in. Student leadership has given her not only employment, but life experiences in leadership and advocacy roles.

Sooly Vazquez: Director of Legislative Affairs


I was born in Mexico and was brought to the United states at the age of one and have been living in Beaverton, OR ever since. I am the oldest out of three and I am a first-generation college student. Coming to this country not knowing English was hard for my parents since they were given a hard time by many. Because of this, they had to work harder to provide for my family despite the troublesome situation. With that being said, I grew up being extremely family oriented and very protective of my loved ones. I aspire to one day repay my parents back for all of their hard work they have put in, so that I could pursue my goals and dreams. I want to one day be able to support them as they’ve supported me and let them know that every time they had to stay late or had to work more than one job wasn’t wasted. It was because of them that I am going to school to have a career and be able to give back to my parents and my community.
The first step I took when starting college was to involve myself with student leadership. My first year at Portland community college I started off as a mentor for the Oregon leadership institute at the Multicultural center. I love being in student leadership because not only do I have a space to learn about myself, I am also able to help other students that have been in similar situations that I have experienced. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know their stories which have been truly inspiring. Being in student leadership I have been given many opportunities to advocate for students and to tell my story. I want to encourage others to achieve their goals. I want them to have the same opportunities that I had when pursuing my career. My journey is far from over and I still have a lot to learn about myself and others. I will continue to help those I meet along the way.

Felipe Gonzalez Ruiz: ASPCC Sustainability Director


In his role with student government, Felipe will help promote the importance of sustainability and eco-justice practices by ensuring policies are followed by the Rock Creek Campus. When hosting clubs, events, when serving at the Student District Council and the Programming Board. Coordinating activities related to sustainability like, earth week and Learning Garden. Felipe is working towards his Associates Degree in Microelectronics. He will transfer to a four-year university in 2021 to major in environmental studies and minor in Physics. He has a strong ambition towards educating others about the importance of the environment, along with a passion about the vast universe. Felipe’s career goal is to work for a non-profit that addresses the effects of climate change where he can apply physics to study weather patterns to better predict effects that can impact the entire planet. He appreciates science documentaries,
recreational activities, reading and working at the learning garden.

ASPCC Southeast Executive Team

Antonia McSwain, Student Body President


Antonia is a 19-year-old student at Portland Community College. One of her everlasting priorities is love and care for her community.  She developed this love when she was a child and became aware of the injustices plaguing her community. From there on out, Antonia made it her responsibility to educate herself on her history and the legacy that her ancestors left on this earth. So that she can make change on this earth while she is still here. This is why she decided to major in Sociology and pursue a career in social work, with a focus on youth in foster care.

Until then, Antonia spends the majority of her time addressing and working on activities that have a social justice lens. When she is with herself and her thoughts, she reads and writes poetry, simply writes her feelings. She’s grown an appreciation for self-care and taking time for herself after her own bout with mental health. “When you work in social justice and are impacted by social injustices,” Antonia says, “there are many taxing memories and thoughts that plague your brain.” So taking that time to get herself in a “balanced” space is important to her. “Regardless of the time,” she says, “I need to take care of myself. I still maintain my passion and drive to make a change in the spaces I encounter. Because I can’t sit back and watch idly as the people I love and care about suffer in this world.”

Antonia attached to her bio a quote from Assata Shakur that we just couldn’t leave out:

“I hate war, and I hate having to struggle. I honestly do because I wish I had been born into a world where it was unnecessary. This context of struggle and being a warrior and being a struggler has been forced on me by oppression. Otherwise I would be a sculptor, or a gardener, carpenter – You know, I would be free to be so much more… I guess part of me or a part of who I am, a part of what I do is being a warrior – a reluctant warrior, a reluctant struggler. But I do it, because I’m committed to life.” -Assata Shakur


Avi Taylor, Director of Legislative Affairs


Avi is from Washington, DC, so he grew up around the swirling action of national politics. He volunteered on his first campaign when he was nine years old, handing out bumper stickers and lawn-signs outside his school for the Obama campaign. A few months later, at Obama’s inauguration, Avi cheered — shivering and grinning in single digit temperatures, convinced that he had made a difference in helping elect his hero to the highest office. Being at the epicenter of where decisions were made was exciting and instilled in him a fascination with governance and legislation. He began pursuing this interest professionally by interning with a senator during his race for re-election. There, Avi got a behind-the-scenes look at how campaigns operate.

Avi also loves to read and write. His bookshelf is his pride and joy, collected piece by piece from the fiction section of used bookstores. His short stories can be found in several local and regional publications. Avi is also deeply passionate about using his privilege to amplify the voices of others. He does this through editing, publishing, and distributing a quarterly literary and arts journal of his own, The Tin Can Telephone, that exclusively exhibits the work of incarcerated artists. He is currently majoring in Creative Writing, honing his skills with language. After graduating from PCC, Avi plans to continue his education at a four-year university.


Taylor Lohrie, Eco Social Justice Director


Taylor is pursuing an Associate of Science transfer degree at Portland Community College. She hopes to transfer to Portland State University to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and then continue to Oregon State University for a Master of Science in Biology, with a focus on wildlife biology.

Taylor has a passion for wildlife of all kinds, and hopes to dedicate herself to preserving endangered species that are threatened by human activity. She hopes to contribute, in some significant way, to fixing the issues of fracking, deforestation, plastic waste and pollution. She would also like to teach children about wildlife biology, encouraging a new generation to protect the earth better than those before them.

Taylor’s favorite hobbies outside of work include bird-watching, hiking, reading, and camping. Anything that gets her into nature, really.

ASPCC Sylvania Executive Team

JR Valentine, Student Body President


JR Valentine is entering their second year at ASPCC Sylvania. They previously worked as Sylvania’s Club Specialist, where they learned the systems of ASPCC and began their college career. This year, JR began working as the Student Body President, motivated by a perceived need to build more campus connections and promote the use of intersectionality more consistently and institutionally.

JR participates in the Sylvania Table Top Tavern Club, and is an active member of the local queer community. They are currently undecided about their college path. But they know that whatever career they go into, they want it to be oriented around social justice and serving communities. Be it through housing and food insecurity work, community mental health organizing, or political advocacy, JR wants to approach the professional world with an eye toward intersectionality and the advancement of social justice.


Kendall Cottrell, Director of Legislative Affairs


Kendall is a small business owner, as well as a PCC student with plans to transfer to Portland State University. Her curious nature drives her diverse life goals, which include expanding her current business, running a small art house rental for tourists, and developing patents for tools she wished already existed.

Kendall is a lifelong learner who has great pride and gratitude for PCC as an institution dedicated to equitable access to learning. She also loves dogs — specifically, her golden retriever, Dan.


Kaden Carpenter, Eco Social Justice Director


Kaden is in his final year at PCC and is majoring in Criminal Justice, planning to transfer to PSU. He is serving the PCC community as the inaugural Director of Eco Social Justice for the Sylvania campus. In his first year at PCC, Kaden served as a Student Organizer for Sylvania.

Kaden grew up hiking, fishing, camping, bird watching and even spent some years as a Boy Scout. His appreciation for the great outdoors began in childhood and continued through his work with ASPCC Sylvania, where he focused on sustainability as a Student Organizer. Between work and school, Kaden still makes time for weight training and outdoor recreation.

Four Campuses, Four ASPCC’s!

Each PCC Campus has its own unique leadership program. All ASPCC’s represent and serve all students at their campuses and will, therefore, design activities, events, policies, and programs aimed at meeting their own campus-specific goals.

ASPCC aims to improve the lives of students, staff, faculty and the surrounding community. Our goals in governance and programming intend to empower and promote student interest and involvement.