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Student Government

Portland Community College’s student government boasts some forty campus-based student organizers, spread across PCC’s four main campuses — Cascade, Sylvania, Southeast and Rock Creek. Each campus has its own student government, called ASPCC (short for the Associated Students of Portland Community College). And each ASPCC team has its own Executive Team, which is made up of the Student Body President, the Director of Legislative Affairs, the Director of Student Programs/Events, and the Eco Social Justice Director. Together, the Executive Team members from those four campuses — with the exception of the Director of Student Programs/Events — form the twelve voting members of the District Student Council (DSC). The DSC is supported by the Chair and the Chief of Staff, who are non-voting members and make up the District Executive Team.

District Student Council: Your Student Voice

The District Student Council‘s mission is to uplift all Portland Community College Students.

The DSC commits itself to diversity as it relates to awareness, education, and practice at every level of our organization. The DSC embraces people of all backgrounds, including but not limited to ethnicity, culture, race, sex, gender (identity and expression), class, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, learning style, and political perspective. We believe our core values are strengthened when all students have voice and representation. The resulting inclusive organizational climate promotes the development of broad-minded members of Portland Community College who make positive contributions to their local and global communities.

All Student Leaders with Administration


  1. Equity: Promote equity & inclusion
  2. Leadership: Build leadership capacity for students 
  3. Community: Facilitate community on campus
  4. Growth: Foster the growth of students
  5. Sustainability: Nurture environmental stewardship and accountability to future generations

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DSC Meetings

Schedule of 2020-2021 Meetings

Meetings are held from 9 a.m. to 12 noon

DSC meeting schedule
Date Location Notes Agenda and Minutes
September 14 Remote Work Session/Training *8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
September 25 Remote Public Meeting/ Business Meeting
October 9 Remote Work Session
October 23 Remote Public Meeting/Business Meeting
November 6 Remote Work Session
November 20 Remote Public Meeting/Business Meeting
December 4 Remote Work Session
December 11 Remote unless cleared to return Winter Retreat and planning
January 8 Sylvania Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting
January 22 CLIMB Center Work Session
February 5 Cascade Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting
February 19 CLIMB Center Work Session
March 5 Southeast Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting
March 19 CLIMB Center Work Session
April 2 Rock Creek Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting
April 16 CLIMB Center Work Session
May 7 Sylvania Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting
May 21 CLIMB Center Work Session
June 4 Transition Meeting Southeast Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting

Committee Student Representation

If your committee would like a student representative, please fill out the Student Representation Request Form. The request will be sent to the District Student Council Chief of Staff, who will relay the request to DSC. Campus committee requests will go to the appropriate campus Student Body President. If yours is a district committee, the request will be brought to the District Student Council’s attention, who will select and vote on which student will serve on the committee.

In accordance with policy S705, any committee that recommends, formulates, or reviews academic or student affairs policies that impact the district is required to have student representation. The level of participation for the student representative is governed by the committee’s governing rules. Please be clear about committee expectations in your request form.

If you are a student seeking to sit on a district committee or have any questions or concerns, please contact the Chief of Staff to the District Student Council.

Dear DSC

Tell us your concerns, issues and/or questions by submitting a “Dear DSC” letter.

DSC Members

DSC Executive Team

Antonia McSwain, District Student Council Chair 


Riley Turner, Board Trustee



ASPCC Cascade Executive Team

Brea Nazareno, Student Body President




Tom Farrenkopf, Director of Legislative Affairs



Joan Masters, Director of Eco Social Justice 



ASPCC Rock Creek Executive Team

Kathryn Lopez, Student Body President



Gloria Leon, Director of Legislative Affairs



Grace Grace, Director of Eco Social Justice



ASPCC Southeast Executive Team

Yuliza Leon Del Toro, Student Body President



Emily Martin, Director of Legislative Affairs



Wolfgang, Director of Eco Social Justice 

(Any pronouns)


ASPCC Sylvania Executive Team

Emily Williams, Student Body President



Laurie Barnes, Director of Legislative Affairs



Valentina Castellanos Ramirez, Director of Eco Social Justice 



Four Campuses, Four ASPCC’s!

Each PCC Campus has its own unique leadership program. All ASPCC’s represent and serve all students at their campuses and will, therefore, design activities, events, policies, and programs aimed at meeting their own campus-specific goals.

ASPCC aims to improve the lives of students, staff, faculty and the surrounding community. Our goals in governance and programming intend to empower and promote student interest and involvement.