Student Government


Student government at PCC is a structure of each individual PCC campus having their own ASPCC (Associated Students of Portland Community College) which is represented through a recognized General Council in accordance with the respective campus bylaws that works towards providing governance and programs by empowering, promoting, and enriching student interests and involvement. Each campus ASPCC Executive team (Student Body President, Director of Legislative Affairs, and Director of Student Programs/Events)  join together to form the twelve voting members of the DSC (District Student Council). The DSC is supported by the DSC Executive team who are non-voting members (DSC Chair and Director of Communications).

District Student Council


The District Student Council represents the student voice at the district level. The District Student Council are dedicated to enriching the lives of all Portland Community College Students and community members. Our mission is to unify the Associated Students of Portland Community College at each of our four comprehensive campuses – Cascade, Rock Creek, Southeast, and Sylvania – to collaborate on district-wide initiatives that address cultural and institutional barriers that would prevent any student from achieving their educational goals.

We aim to create an institutional precedent where all students have equitable access to higher education attainment without discrimination. We empower students to speak up and speak out on issues of equity, sustainability, financial insecurity, and college affordability. If you have a concern or a question relating to student life at PCC, please contact one of our members. We are here to support you.

All Student Leaders with Administration

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DSC Meetings
Schedule of 2019-2020 Meetings

Meetings held from 9am-12 noon

DSC meeting schedule
Date Location Notes Agenda and Minutes
August 27-29 Silver Falls Conference Center Training
September 27 Cascade Campus Student Union Room 203/204 Public Meeting/Business Meeting
October 11 CLIMB Center Room 102 Work Session
November 1 Southeast Campus Mt Tabor 100 Public Meeting/ Business Meeting
November 15 CLIMB Center Room 102 Work Session
November 22 Rock Creek Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting
December 12 (Thursday) CLIMB Center Room 102 Work Session
January 10 Sylvania Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting
January 24 CLIMB Center Work Session
February 7 Cascade Campus

Student Union Room 203/204

Public Meeting/Business Meeting
February 21 CLIMB Center Work Session
March 6 Southeast Campus Mt Tabor 100 Public Meeting/Business Meeting
March 13 CLIMB Center Work Session
April 3 Rock Creek Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting
April 17 CLIMB Center Work Session
May 1 Sylvania Campus Public Meeting/Business Meeting
May 15 CLIMB Center Work Session
June 5 Cascade Campus

Student Union 203/204

Transition Meeting
Committee Student Representation

If your committee is requesting a student representative, please fill out the form below detailing all the necessary information that is being asked of you. The request will then be sent to the Director of Communications of the District Student Council to then relay the information of the request to student members. If it is a campus committee, the request will go to the campus student body president. If it is a district committee, the request will be brought to the District Student Council’s attention to select and vote on who will serve on said committee.

In accordance with policy S705, any committee that recommends, formulates, or reviews academic or student affairs policies that impact the district is required to have student representation. The level of participation for the student representative is governed by the committee’s governing rules. These committees are to fill out the Student Representation Request Form.

If you are a student seeking to sit on a district committee or have any follow up questions or concerns, please contact the DSC Chief of Staff.

Dear DSC

Tell us your concerns, issues and/or questions by submitting a “Dear DSC” letter.

DSC Members
DSC Executive Team


Hannah Alzgal: DSC Chair & Student Trustee



Claire Rood: DSC Chief of Staff



ASPCC Cascade Executive Team


Teri Fane: Student Body President


Teri Fane is student Body President at Cascade campus. She joined student government through Black Student Union in 2016. She is passionate about social justice, and stresses in her work that all issues need to be viewed through equitable lenses. After graduating from PCC, Teri intends to transfer to an HBCU to pursue an MBA with a minor in African American history.

ASPCC Rock Creek Executive Team


Sooly Vazquez: Student Body President


I was born in Mexico and was brought to the United states at the age of one and have been
living in Beaverton, OR ever since. I am the oldest out of three and I am a first-generation
college student. Coming to this country not knowing English was hard for my parents since they
were given a hard time by many. Because of this, they had to work harder to provide for my
family despite the troublesome situation. With that being said, I grew up being extremely family
oriented and very protective of my loved ones. I aspire to one day repay my parents back for all
of their hard work they have put in, so that I could pursue my goals and dreams. I want to one
day be able to support them as they’ve supported me and let them know that every time they
had to stay late or had to work more than one job wasn’t wasted. It was because of them that I
am going to school to have a career and be able to give back to my parents and my community.
The first step I took when starting college was to involve myself with student leadership. My
first year at Portland community college I started off as a mentor for the Oregon leadership
institute at the Multicultural center. I love being in student leadership because not only do I
have a space to learn about myself, I am also able to help other students that have been in
similar situations that I have experienced. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know
their stories which have been truly inspiring. Being in student leadership I have been given
many opportunities to advocate for students and to tell my story. I want to encourage others to
achieve their goals. I want them to have the same opportunities that I had when pursuing my
career. My journey is far from over and I still have a lot to learn about myself and others. I will
continue to help those I meet along the way.

Tara Kroft: Director of Legislative Affairs


I am the Director of Legislative affairs for ASPCC Rock Creek. I am a student representative on the education advisory council. I also work at the Rock Creek Queer Resource Center as a student advocate. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Q-club. I am majoring in political science and I have specific interest in international relations. I have taken many of Douglas Byrds classes. I enjoy reading in my free time and drinking bubble tea with friends. Game of Thrones is my favorite tv show. My co-worker when asked to describe me says I am outgoing, smart, and influential.

Cheyenne Cleeton: Director of Students Programs and Events


Cheyenne is in her second year at PCC after taking a couple years off of college, she is working towards a degree in Addiction Counseling which she will be completed with that degree next year. Cheyenne plans on moving on to PSU to get a bachelors in Social Work, eventually finishing up her masters in Social Work. She has a strong interest in advocacy for food and housing insecurity, life experience with poverty and systemic bias have put her on the path she plans to wok in. Student leadership has given her not only employment, but life experiences in leadership and advocacy roles.

ASPCC Southeast Executive Team


Shane Kirkpatrick: Student Body President


Hello, I am in my third and final year at PCC. I am interested in business and psychology and hope to transfer to a four-year college. I enjoy being outdoors, taking a drive and cooking.

Cong Nguyen: Director of Legislative Affairs


Cong is a sophomore at Portland Community College and is looking to transfer to UCLA or UW as a pre-med student. He believes that one day he’ll go back to his home country, Vietnam and help treat skin conditions there. He started as an intern for State Representative Janelle Bynum and was apart of PCC’s legislative internship program. He helped organize events and worked at Southeast Campus as a club specialist for the first year and was extensively involved in the vote campaign. He loves networking with people, but is very quiet when approached at town halls. His favorite thing to do is studying skin conditions, read, and take his sister Lego shopping.

Anita Phomma: Director of Events and Student Programs


My career goal is to be an instructor at a community college and teach Stress and Human Health. I love positively influencing others and motivating others to do their absolute best. In addition, I believe that our society needs more female leaders and my goal is to be one of them. I’ve chosen to start off by being a student leader at PCC, I want to influence others to not give up on their education and to take advantage of resources that are given. I am proudly a Future Connect scholar, and also the Vice President of Fellowship for Phi Theta Kappa. Next, some of my favorite hobbies include; singing, hiking, watching movies and working out at the gym. I also enjoy playing sports like Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee. I also believe being a student leader means leading by example, supporting others when they struggle and succeed.

ASPCC Sylvania Executive Team


Nishant Shrestha: Student Body President


Hello! I am Nishant Shrestha and I am the Student Body President at ASPCC Sylvania. I am a second year international student from Nepal studying civil engineering at PCC.

Sucdi Ahmed: Director of Legislative Affairs


Sucdi is a second year PCC student and during her past two years here she has engaged in student leadership opportunities and has been active in the community in numerous of ways. She was selected for the 2018 PCC Legislative Internship and volunteered at the Sylvania Multicultural Center. Sucdi interned with State Representative Tawna Sanchez, helped lead a VOTE OR VOTE campaign, canvassed for multiple ballot measures, and runs the Sylvania Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club. Sucdi intends on transferring after her second year at PCC to a four-year university, where she will study Political Science and International Relations. She loves learning about other cultures and languages, and hopes to study abroad.

Chi Pham: Director of Events and Student Programs


Hello everyone 🙂 My name is Chi and I’m the Director of Programs and Events for ASPCC Sylvania. My goal is to become a Registered Nurse and I am applying to various Nursing programs around Oregon this winter. One fun fact about me is that I have lived in 4 different countries and I love to travel. I look forward to working with you this year!

Four Campuses. Four ASPCCs!

Each PCC Campus has its own unique ASPCC (Associated Students of Portland Community College) leadership program. All ASPCCs represent and serve all students of their Campus and will, therefore, design activities, events, policies, and programs directed toward meeting their own goals.

ASPCC aims to improve the lives of students, staff, faculty and our community. Our goals are in the areas of governance and programs by empowering and promoting student interest and involvement.