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Veterinary Technology

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Veterinary technology is a profession involving animal health care in which individuals work with veterinarians, biological researchers, and other scientists. Duties may include restraining animals, administering medications and anesthetics, performing laboratory tests, cleaning teeth, taking x-rays, preparing an animal for surgery, and assisting the veterinary doctor in surgery. Veterinary technology offers a 2 year program which includes internships designed to give students practical "hands-on" experience applying skills learned in the classroom. For admissions information call the PCC Veterinary Technology Program at 971-722-7255 or 971-722-7252. Enrollment in courses is limited to those officially accepted into the program or having the Department Chair's approval.

VT 102
Small Animal Nursing/Restraint
VT 104
Veterinary Ward Care
VT 109
Radiation Safety
VT 110
Specimen Collection Laboratory
VT 111
Clinical Lab Procedures 1
VT 121
Large Animal Nursing/Restraint
VT 199E
Veterinary Microbiology
VT 208
Small Animal Diseases
VT 280A
CE: Clinic I