The Aviation Maintenance Technology Program operates on an 18-day modular class structure, with new students starting in Fall or Winter term. Most classes are scheduled from 7 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday. The required practicum classes for each rating (airframe or powerplant) are offered in the early afternoon.

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Module One: Jun 25 - Jul 19

Module Two: Jul 23 - Aug 15

AMT 101
Introduction to AMT

Module One: June 25 - Jul 19

AMT 117
Recipr Engine Theory & Maint
AMT 208
Aircraft Systems
AMT 213
Hyd, Pneum, & Landing Gear
AMT 218
Powerplant Inspection

Module Two: Jul 23 - Aug 15

AMT 109
Assembly & Rigging
AMT 212
Sheet Metal
AMT 222
Reciprocating Engine Overhaul