How to choose a career

When you decide to go to college, people will ask you "What kind of job are you going to get after you graduate?" For most of us, this is a tough question – how do you know you like something before you even get a chance to study it?

Well, that's what this guide will show you: how to choose a career while you're in school.

Now vs. later

Why figure out career choices now instead of waiting and figuring it out as you go? Waiting may seem easier, but here's how choosing something early on will help you:

Illustration, see description

Graphic shows two figures making different decisions. Person 1 decides to choose a goal now, Person 2 decides to wait and see what happens. If you choose a goal like person 1, you'll take classes that lead to your career, choose a major that fits your interests, only pay for classes you need, and land a great job right after graduation. If you decide to wait like Person 2, you'll take random classes hoping to find a fit, change your major over and over, run out of financial aid before finishing, and drop out with lots of debt and no job.