EAC Distance Learning Task Force

2010-2011 - Mission

At the April 15, 2009 meeting of the EAC, the formation of a Distance Learning Task Force was approved.  This task force was established to develop a statement of mission, values and goals for distance learning that will help guide distance learning standards and practices.  In addition, the task force was charged with preparing recommendations for next steps based upon the issues named in the gap analysis. This task force will be making recommendations to the EAC this academic year.

Committee Chairs 2010-2011: Loretta Goldy, Birgitte Ryslinge & Kendra Cawley
Winter 2011 Update:

The four research teams of the Task Force presented their Final Reports  to the EAC at the December 2010 and January 2011 meetings.

At the January 2011 meeting, the Task Force brought forth a recommendation to establish a Steering Committee charged with sorting the many individual recommendations proposed by research teams, and either preparing them for formal EAC recommendation/administrative approval or coordinating and/or supporting further discussion as appropriate. Items with contractual implications will not be discussed further by this committee.  
DL Task Force Recommendation.   
The EAC voted to support this recommendation. Adoption requires approval by the District President, which will follow Cabinet review.

Final Specific Recommendations from the Steering Committee, June 2012.