Educational Advisory Council (EAC) Member Duties

  • Open all mail with "EAC" in "Subject" line or with the EAC chair's name in the "From" line.
  • Attend meetings regularly. Meetings are held monthly at one of the four campuses, so you must commit to travel to a campus that is not your own. If absent, notify the EAC chair. Multiple absences may result in replacement.
  • Review the brief Robert's Rules guide provided here.
  • Review agenda and minutes before arriving at the meeting.
  • Bring relevant materials. Upon arriving, sign in, take your name tag, and sit at the big table.
  • The EAC webpage contains important information and links. Review the bylaws.
  • Paying attention to other committee reports can help you build a "big picture."
  • Represent your department, your campus, your discipline, your classification (administration, full-time faculty, part-time faculty, classified, AP, student, etc.) and speak up appropriately in the meetings to share that viewpoint.
  • Communicate pertinent information to your colleagues and administrators and gather concerns and feedback from them. Make yourself visible as an EAC member.
  • Although additional service is not required, please consider enriching your experience as an EAC member by participating on one of its vibrant standing committees or task forces.
  • There is a 1/2 day EAC retreat in September during PCC Inservice Week each year that you should plan to attend.
  • Consider attending PCC Board meetings when possible.

Compensation for Part-timers

  • Part-timers have generally been compensated at the special projects hourly rate for meeting times.