Academic Integrity Taskforce

Final Approval:

EAC approved March 22, 2017; President Mark Mitsui Approved April 12, 2017

A big thank you to the task force and especially to Robin Shapiro for her excellent leadership!

The Charge:

Mission Statement: The Academic Integrity Taskforce is dedicated to investigating PCC's current practices and values as related to issues of student academic integrity, with the goal of promoting and sustaining a culture of academic integrity at the college.

  • PCC should establish a single point of responsibility for academic integrity, whether an Office of Academic Integrity or another centralized entity.
  • Four priorities:
  • PCC should formalize the academic integrity violation process into an online form similar to the students of concern form
  • PCC should add options for educational responses to academic integrity violations.
  • PCC should provide professional development opportunities for faculty and educational opportunities for students related to academic integrity.
  • PCC should evaluate and pilot plagiarism detection software.
Consult the supporting documents:


  • January 23, 2013: Taskforce Approved
  • End of Academic Year, June 2013: Initial organization; subcommittees formed, beginning research
  • End of Academic Year, June 2014: Recommendations to EAC
  • Revised timeline (1.29.2014): June 2015
  • Revised timeline (2.25.2014): January 2016
  • Offered Recommendations January, 2017
  • Final EAC Approval, March, 2017
  • Final Presidential Approval, April, 2017


If you are interested, please contact the Academic Integrity Taskforce Chair, Robin Shapiro, Reference and Instruction Librarian, RC


Meeting Notes and Updates