Educational Advisory Council

Ad Hoc Four Credit Conversion Committee membership and minutes

Chair: Porter Raper

4 Credit Conversion – Curriculum Committee

The ad hoc committee's membership is currently the following:

  • Porter Raper, CA, English – Committee Chair
  • Frost Johnson, Registrar
  • Nancy Wilder, CA, Business
  • Linda Warwick, SY, Composition
  • Joel Magnuson, RC, Social Sciences
  • Frank Goulard, SY, Math
  • Jan Abushakrah, SY, Social Sciences
  • Kate Dins, CA, Division Dean, Business and Government
  • Susan Wilson, CA, Advising
  • Student: Jill Severson, CA
  • Scott Huff, SY, Dean of Instruction
  • Guy Sievert, VP Academic Affairs
  • Karen Jolly, SY, CAS, and EAC Chair

For 2003-2004 minutes, click on the appropriate highlighted box below.

2004 minutes
Date Minutes
February 16, 2004 February 16 Minutes
February 23, 2004
2:30-4:30pm CPWTC Room 201
February 23 Minutes
March 9, 2004 Tuesday
3:30pm, SY Campus CC Conf Room B
March 9 Minutes
April 1, 2004 Thursday
3:30pm, SY Campus CC Conf Room A
April 1 Minutes
April 12, 2004 Monday
8:30am at CPWTC Room 304
April 12Minutes
FAQs for the 4-Credit Conversion Committee
Sociology Conversion Model Memo
Sociology Conversion Statistics
April 29, 2004 Thursday
3:30pm at SY CC Building, Conf Rm A
April 29 Minutes

Committee Chair 2005-2006

Porter Raper