Electronic Engineering Technology (EET)

Faculty and Staff

In additional to their academic backgrounds, all our engineering faculty have practical experience working for high tech manufacturers, consulting engineering firms, government agencies, and other "real world" employers. And that brings the "real world" right into the classroom.

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Sanda N. Williams - EET Faculty Department Chair

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EET Faculty Department Chair

Phone: 971-722-4527 E-Mail: sanda.williams@pcc.edu

Office: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus, ST 202 A

Sanda N. Williams, MS, MBASanda holds a Master of Science in Electrotechnical Sciences and a Master in Business Administration. She has been successfully leading the EET department as the department chair since 2006. Sanda proposed and led the design and development of all EET options and the RES certificate here at PCC as early as 2006 - Biomedical Engineering Technology is the only training of its kind in Oregon State, Renewable Energy Systems option was the only one of its kind at that time in Oregon and Mechatronics/Automation/Robotics option was a very early effort for 2006 to support these industries. Sanda, among others, excels in educational training programs development - she came to PCC with a proven success in  leading the development of the Electronics Systems Technology and Microelectronics Systems Technology programs at Clackamas Community College. She developed a private business in STEM education for children, worked as a general manager for a rather large family business, worked as an engineer in the renewable energy area, and got involved with multiple supportive programs in the community. Sanda lived in Eastern and Western Europe as well as USA for many years and she is fluent in English and Romanian and with some practice in French as well. Her primary hobbies are choir singing, dancing and hiking. As honors go and testimony to her quality work, Sanda (known as Sanda Nedelcu at that time) has been nominated by her students to be included in “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” 2004-2005 book , 9th edition, volume VIII, page 401. She is also a long standing role model for women in technology training. Sanda usually teaches: EET 111/112/113/188 and she serves as a faculty department chair for 50% of her workload.

Linda Browning - Student Resource Specialist

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Program Advisor, Engineering TechnologyDavid Goldman

Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 971-722-8730

E-Mail: linda.browning@pcc.edu

Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus, ST 200

Linda has expertise as a Master’s Level Counselor and former Training Manager in the manufacturing and banking industries. She has been the EET program advisor for 6 years. Linda is instrumental with student resources giving excellent support to the EET students. The EET program benefited a lot from her work and training expertise. Her dedication to students and enthusiasm while engaging in different student related projects are inspirational. She is a role model of strength and student support. Linda usually teaches EET 280A for the EET department.

Tillery, Sarah - Engineering and Technology Division Dean

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Engineering and Technology Division Dean

SY SS 201

Phone: 971-722-4141

E-Mail: sarah.tillery@pcc.edu

Joanie Cunningham - Administrative Assistant

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Engineering & Technology

Instructional Administrative Assistant II

Phone: 971-722-4674

E-Mail: jcunning@pcc.edu

Joanie started her experience at PCC in 2000 as a new student with Work Study funds. Her first job was with the TV Production Program but they didn’t keep her busy enough. Her next job was within the Library, where she worked at the 3 main campuses. After graduation, she continued with the Library as a casual employee. After some time, there was a move to the IT Dept as support. That was where she was hired as an Office Assistant I. When the job open in the Radiography Program as an Instructional Administrative Assistant, she applied and moved to the academic side of the college. When the Sylvania campus went through a re-org, Joanie was transferred to Engineering Technology, which includes, Machine Tech, Automotive Tech and the Engineering disciplines. Her major duty for Engineering is the making sure the class schedules are entered correctly, and any other ‘duties as assigned’. She has found something she loves to do and no longer ‘works’ for a living!

Karin O'Connor - Administrative Assistant

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Engineering & Technology

SY SS 201

Phone: 971-722-4373

E-Mail: koconnor@pcc.edu

Trung Le - Lab Manager

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Instructional Support Tech, EET Lab Manager

Phone: 971-722-4595

E-Mail: trung.le17@pcc.edu

Trung is lab manager since the summer of 2006 after spending 22 years at Intel Hillsboro as Hardware engineering technician, validation engineer, product engineer, and CAD engineer. Trung helps students in circuit debug techniques, equipment operations, lab questions, mentoring co-op lab assistant...

He enjoys tennis and swimming.

Trung earned an AA Degree in EET from Portland Community College in 1984, a BS Degree in EET from Oregon Institute of Technology in 1994

David Goldman - EET Full Time Faculty

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Phone: 971-722-4464 E-Mail: david.goldman2@pcc.edu

Office: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus, ST 200A

David GoldmanDavid has expertise as an electrical engineer in research and development and a consultant in the semiconductor industry with a focus on analog and digital signals. Ever since he joined the EET teaching team here at PCC he brought a great deal of enthusiasm and desire to infuse even more quality into the student instructions. David modified the courses he taught to include more hands on skills and very interesting projects. He recommended changes to the program to better align the digital systems sequence with other courses in the degree and proposed more programming in general to better prepare the students for their future jobs. His dedication to teaching cannot go unnoticed. David usually teaches EET 242 and ENGR classes. In the past he also taught EET 113/121/122/123/178/241.

Dan Kruger - FT Faculty

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EET Full Time Faculty

Phone: 971-722-4767 E-Mail: dan.kruger@pcc.edu

Office: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus, ST 200

Dan KrugerDan has worked in digital signal processing and communications for the Department of Defense and as a test engineer for the semiconductor industry. He enjoys programming, long-distance running and hiking, and has thru-hiked the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails.  Dan has been teaching in the EET department for many years. He brings to his classes a wealth of work experience and expertise. This coupled with care for students makes it a great recipe for student success. Dan contributes greatly to the department, assisting with degree updates and revisions - he serves as the faculty chair for the Subject Area Committee, an internal committee in support of the EET department. He often teaches EET 111, 112, 113, 221, 222, 223 for the EET department.

Scott Lowrey - FT Faculty

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EET Full Time Faculty

Phone: 971-722-4465 E-Mail: scott.lowrey@pcc.edu

Office: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus, ST 200

Scott LowreyScott has followed a non-traditional career path to arrive here at PCC Sylvania.  His first career was in electrical engineering, specializing in high-speed digital communications.  He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California (USC).  In over 25 years as an electrical engineer and program manager, Scott worked on a wide variety of products including optical communications, biometric systems (included manufacturing of implantable defibrillators), digital telephony, high definition television (HDTV), digital communications satellites, and avionics communications systems.  These often involved coordination of efforts between diverse technical specialties, including electronics, software, mechanical engineers, packaging engineers, and manufacturing.

During his engineering career, he derived a great deal of satisfaction from training younger engineers.  Scott began teaching as a volunteer in the evenings at PCC, and progressed to part-time paid instruction and finally full-time instruction.  He returned to school to earn a master’s degree in education from the University of Phoenix.

Outside of the classroom, he loves to hike, and is involved in choral singing and community theater.

In addition to technical subjects, Scott taught English for speakers of other languages (here in Oregon, as well as during two years living in Spain), GED preparation (for English and Spanish speakers), and high school pre-calculus.  He enjoyed every minute of his new career as a teacher and he feels grateful for the opportunity to work and teach at PCC. EET students benefit a lot from Scott’s expertise, quality teaching and dedication. Scott usually teaches: EET 121/122/123/221/222/223.

Chuck Fenning - PT Faculty (Biomedical Engineering Technology)

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EET Part Time Faculty for the EET: Biomedical Engineering Technology Option

E-Mail: chuck.fenning@pcc.edu

Chuck FenningChuck has been teaching in the EET department for the last 10 years. He assisted with many developments, equipment donations, field trips, recruiting advisory board members, student/staff field trips, biomed co-op instructor, teaching EET 260 and 261, etc. He has been instrumental with the development of the biomed option joining the department after approx. one year since the biomed options has been implemented. Chuck has 45 Years experience in the Bio Med Field and is a retiree of the the US Coast Guard Reserve. He served for 36 years combined in US Navy and Coast Guard.

Chuck earned an AA Degree from Portland Community College in 1970, a BS Degree Industrial Management from Oregon Institute of Technology and he was a CBET certified biomedical technician. Chuck usually teaches: EET 260, 261, 280C.

George Knox - Co-op and Internship Coordinator and PT Faculty

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EET Part Time Faculty, PCC Coordinator for Co-op Education and Jobs & Internships Services

Phone: 971-722-4475 E-Mail: gknox@pcc.edu

Office: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus, CC 213

EET Jobs & Internships Online Resources: http://spot.pcc.edu/jobs/eetspot/eetlinks.html

George KnoxGeorge Knox has a Master of Arts in English from Portland State University with training in technical writing and editing, and web development. He has taught Business, Career Development, Web Design and Writing through Clark College, Portland Community College, Oregon Institute of Technology and Oregon State University. For the past 20 years, George has worked with the public and private sectors developing marketing, recruiting, and educational programs and materials. He has experience in marcom, media, technical and grant writing. He has worked with a wide range of clients, but specializes in the high technology and engineering fields.George's most challenging project was developing a commissioned collection of Engineering Poetry for the Consulting Engineers Council of Oregon.  His most rewarding project was winning the 1999 Round Table Pizza Love Poem contest. The prize was 40 free pizzas! In the EET department, George usually teaches the EET 254 Seminar, preparing students for job search and coordinating employers for mock interviews. George assists students looking for jobs and internships. He also provides support to EET graduates looking for career opportunities. For more information visit: http://spot.pcc.edu/~gknox/teacher.htm

Raymond Schmelzer - PT Faculty

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EET Part Time Faculty

Phone: 503-332-5209 E-Mail: raymond.schmelzer15@pcc.edu

Raymond SchmelzerRay started his adult working life as a network administrator and then determined he wanted to design network adapter cards instead of configuring them.  Shortly after, he started working as a network hardware engineer at Intel in Hillsboro, specializing in high speed digital communications. Concurrently, he began taking engineering classes at PSU.  Ray spent 16 years on the same floor at Intel’s Jones Farm 3. He recently finished an MSEE at PSU, completing a thesis in high-speed digital communications. Ray plans to take classes here and there at PCC and PSU for fun and professional development.  Teaching classes at PCC has thus far been the work that he is most proud to tell friends and family about. Ever since he joined the EET team, Ray has been dedicated to high quality instructions and making students succeed. He usually teaches EET 121/122/123 in the EET department.  Ray also enjoys long walks and playing drums.

David Smith - PT Faculty

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EET Part Time Faculty

E-Mail: david.smith58@pcc.edu

David SmithDavid comes from industry with experience as an engineer, validation architect and a manager (for a while supervising technicians with a 2yr degree!).  His one minute of fame in life, as he likes to say it, comes from his appearance as a team captain on TV’s “Junkyard Wars”. David’s technical interests cover such things as machine learning, artificial intelligence, embedded systems and computer programming.  As much as he can, David tries to create a real-world hands-on environment in his classes where the product they are making together is the students’ education and their mutual goal is for the students to go on to a successful career in high tech. That may sound serious and the program can be challenging but he tries to make it fun and talk with students, not at students. David has been teaching for a long time in the EET department and his dedication to students and to the program is highly appreciated. He usually teaches EET 242, 241, 178 and occasionally some labs in EET 121/122/123.

Joe Schoelen - PT Faculty

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EET Part Time Faculty

E-Mail: joseph.schoelen@pcc.edu

Joe SchoelenJoe Schoelen is a part-time instructor in the PCC EET program and full-time electrical engineer for Audio Precision. He received his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Northridge in 1996. Joe has been an FPGA and board-level designer for twenty-six years. He  has an affinity for vacuum tube guitar amplifiers, music, photography, but most of all teaching. Joe’s quality instruction and care for his students are easily noted by all. He is a great addition to the EET team and the department/students are very appreciative of his expertise and dedication. Joe is usually teaching EET 101 and occasionally EET 121.

Corneliu Boghean - PT Faculty

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EET Part Time Faculty

Phone: 971-722-3404

E-Mail: corneliu.boghean@pcc.edu

Corneliu has been teaching in the EET department for a very long time. He brings great industry expertise and teaching skills to his students. Corneliu cares deeply for the success of his students and usually goes extra miles to assist them. He teaches the EET 111 and 112 courses for the winter (evening) trailer and the EET 272 lab for second year students.

Chu Yunhui - PT Faculty

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EET Part Time Faculty

Phone: 971-722-3566

E-Mail: yunhui.chu@pcc.edu

Chu brought great passion for teaching to the EET department and his students. In addition he also brought great industry expertise, dedication and care. He is very accommodating to students and gives best assistance. Chu usually teaches for the winter (evening) trailer - EET 272 and some of the digital systems classes.

Matt Distad - PT Faculty

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EET Part Time Faculty

Phone: 971-722-3586

E-Mail: matt.distad@pcc.edu

Matt is an Audio Systems Engineer for Intel Mobile Communications, and works on the development of voice codecs for Intel modem products. He has also worked as a Hardware Engineer designing high speed digital circuits, and as a technician in an Intel development fab. He is very enthusiastic about Digital Signal Processing and Control Theory.