Sponsor’s guide to third party billing

Are you a business or organization interested in paying educational expenses for a PCC student? Follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Set up formal billing arrangements with PCC
    Contact the program coordinator to let us know you would like to make arrangements for third party billing.
  2. Prepare billing authorizations
    Authorizations must be submitted on your official letterhead and include the following:

    • student’s full legal name
    • student’s PCC ID (if the student has not previously attended PCC please include their: address, DOB, email, and phone number)
    • an itemization of which classes and all charges to be billed.
    • If the student is taking an Ed2Go class please also complete this form.
  3. Submit authorizations
    Submit your completed authorization to the program coordinator.  Authorizations are due by the payment due date and must include the student’s PCC ID number. Late authorizations may result in the deletion of the student’s course registration.
  4. Make a payment
    Contact Sam Loughery in Accounts to make your payment. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. For billing fees, please refer to the table below. To ensure proper credit, reference your PCC Vendor ID and invoice number on your remittance. Do not combine payment with other PCC invoices. Unpaid charges are released to the student after 45 days and become ineligible for re-billing. Students are instructed to follow up with their third-party sponsor.

Eligible charges

Tuition and mandatory class fees (lab, Online Learning, student activity, college service, technology, and transportation), parking permits, billing fees, and late charges.

Book authorizations

Submit directly to the bookstore by fax (971-722-4371). Do not combine tuition and bookstore authorization or payment.


Payment cannot be contingent upon grades or successful completion of class, enrollment, attendance, or financial aid status.

Billing fees

Billing fees
Billing type Fee
One-time authorizations $5 per student billed per instance
International students $10 per student billed per instance
Special handling $10 per student billed per instance