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CW02-01020 Non-Credit-Bearing Activities sub-policy

  • Responsible executive: VP Academic Affairs
  • Responsible officer: Manager Education Abroad Program
  • Responsible office: Education Abroad
  • Effective date: January 30, 2019

Associated policies

Policy statement

Non-credit international activities for students are managed through and must be approved by either Continuing Education or the Office of Student Affairs.


  1. Tours managed through the Community Education Program under the Continuing Education Department (CED) may be led by an assigned CED instructor (current non-credit CED instructor, PCC credit instructor, or staff member) or by a tour provider with CED staff support. CED processes and approvals are required.
  2. Student travel for non-credit-bearing co-curricular activities (including but not limited to a service-learning activity, volunteer program, academic conference, or international trip by a student group such as performing arts or athletics) is managed through the Office of Student Success.

Implementation procedures

PCC faculty or staff interested in conducting non-credit-bearing international travel opportunities with students should contact either the Continuing Education Department or the Office of Student Affairs for guidance.

Roles and responsibilities

  1. For tours operated by Continuing Education Operations
    1. College President
      1. Approves petitions which include requests for exception to travel advisory sub-policy.
    2. VP of Academic Affairs
      1. Approves Continuing Education petitions; recommends request for exception to travel advisory sub-policy to College President.
    3. Continuing Education Director
      1. Oversees the Continuing Education Travel Program, including the monitoring of the program’s short and long-term goals, evaluating activities for relevance, enrollment, and profitability.
      2. Negotiates contracts with local and national vendors including tour operators and insurance providers to design educational non-credit travel opportunities for PCC students.
      3. Reviews and recommends approval or non-approval for Continuing Education travel.
    4. Continuing Education Instructor (may be a current non-credit CED instruction, PCC credit instructor, or staff member with appropriate expertise) or assigned staff member
      1. Locates and works with an independent provider that is bonded and provides insurance to cover any unforeseen issues or emergencies.
      2. Serves as a liaison between the CED Travel Program Manager and the tour operator.
      3. Attends tour.
  2. For student travel for non-credit bearing co-curricular activities
    1. College President
      1. Approves non-credit-bearing co-curricular international student travel.
      2. Approves requests for exception to travel advisory sub-policy.
    2. VP of Student Affairs
      1. Review and recommend proposals for non-credit-bearing co-curricular programs, individual student programs, and petitions for exception to travel advisory policy to College President.
      2. Establish standard practices for non-credit-bearing international travel for or with students, including logistics, use and approval of program providers, and in-country support.