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Hybrid classes

A hybrid course meets in person and has online work that replaces some in-person class time. The amount of time spent in person and online varies between courses. The in-person time is noted in the schedule.

COVID-19 Changes

Hybrid courses are not being offered during Remote Operations due to COVID-19 and in-person meetings. Please refer to Reopening Planning for more information on returning to campus.

Are hybrids right for me?

Hybrid courses can provide the benefits of both campus and online courses. You can get the flexibility of online classes and the benefit of maximizing your in-person time for each course. However, there are other things to consider when looking at hybrid courses.

  • Hybrid courses require a computer and broadband internet access.
  • You need good time management skills to complete activities outside class.
  • You need to attend the scheduled in class meetings.

We recommend that complete the Start Guide for Online Learning to learn more about what is required from the online portion of your hybrid course.

How much of the course is online?

The amount of in-class and online work varies between courses, but this chart helps explain what to expect for in-person instruction, online instruction, homework and other activities per week for a 4 credit hybrid course*.

A typical 4 credit hybrid course has 2 hours of in-person instruction, 2 hours of online instruction, and 8 hours of homework.

*Homework can include assignments, lab work, reading and other activities. Actual study time per week varies from student to student.

Participation expectations

You will need to check the course syllabus to find out what activities are due before your in person meetings. You will have activities that need to be completed both before and after your in person meetings.