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Three people gather at RN exhibit. Nursing Job Fair A Lifeline to Great Careers
PCC's Nursing grads are in high demand due to workforce shortages and the fair connects them with more than a dozen regional healthcare employers Posted February 29, 2024
Semiconductors Power Federal Official's PCC Visit
Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su and Oregon Congresswoman Suzanne Bonanmici visited Willow Creek for a semiconductor tour and roundtable at the Mechatronics Lab Posted February 27, 2024
Neamhaim Virtue in SE Campus quad, smiling Alum Earns Johns Hopkins Opportunity
Graduate Neamhain Virtue used the support they received at PCC to earn a finalist spot in prestigious academic research program Posted February 22, 2024
Image of PCC banner College Wins Finance Award For 31st Time
PCC received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting, highlighting transparency and financial excellence Posted February 5, 2024
Man taking photo of group Reception Draws Plenty of Political Support
Led by President Adrien Bennings, PCC's annual reception united education and legislative forces for common goal Posted February 2, 2024
Cascade Campus Agreement Reached With FFAP Union
PCC, Faculty Federation agree to COLA increases for members, including adjustments to pay for part-time instructors Posted January 30, 2024
Dancer From The Ballroom To The Classroom
Student body president and dance aficionado Nathaniel Kung is connecting students to resources and opportunity Posted January 26, 2024
Una Kim Art Instructor Una Kim Unveils 'Battlegrounds'
The last artist in residency for HARTS initiative features her De Kooning-esque paintings invoking capitalist and colonial influences in education Posted January 4, 2024
Ht Building College Selects New Public Safety Director
Jace Smith is excited to join PCC and previously served as Broward College’s Public Safety Senior Director of Patrol Operations Posted January 2, 2024
Student using iPad Connecting Students To Digital Resources
The navigators help students and the community bridge digital skills gaps and achieve greater confidence in the use of technology, a core basic need Posted December 25, 2023