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Position Request/Change Form Instructions

The Position Request/Change Form is used to notify and authorize Human Resources, the Budget Office and the Contract & Grant Accounting Office, to create a “new” position or to “revise” an existing position such as FTE changes and extending end dates on temporary positions.

Section I is used by Human Resources to determine the reason for the request and gather additional information about the position. (i.e. FTE*, duration, scope of responsibilities). *
Refer to instructions below for calculating FTE.

Section II is used by the Budget and Contract & Grant Accounting Office to make the required funding changes in the College budget. It is not necessary to complete this form in order to request the creation of a Pooled Position (i.e. Casual, Student Help, Part-time Faculty). To create a pooled position, you will need to email your request including the name and position number of the supervisor, FOAP and beginning date of the pooled position to the HR Compensation team and:

This form should not be used to request a classification review of a filled or vacant position. Incumbents and/or their manager should complete a Request for Classification Review.

Section III: Required Signatures

  • Temporary position: All management levels up to and including the Campus President/Vice President signatures are required for all positions lasting for two fiscal years or less.
  • Permanent position: All management levels up to and including the Campus President/Vice President and District President are required for regular positions.

Form for General and Grant/Contract Funded Positions

After completing the form, please forward to Human Resources, Downtown Center 321.

Questions About these Forms?

PR/C Process Guide
PR/C Quick Sheet If you have questions regarding Section I, New Position/FTE Change, contact the HR Compensation Team. All questions regarding Section II, Funding Source and New Labor Distribution, should be directed to Dana Petersen in the Budget Office or Lori Presley in Contract & Grant Accounting Office depending on your funding source.

Instructions for calculating FTE

Below are the instructions for calculating FTE. A position is considered full-time (1.0 FTE) when the employee is scheduled to work 2080 hours in a 12 month period (i.e. 40 hours per week for a consecutive 52 weeks). If a position works less than 2080 hours it is considered part-time or casual. Please see the Employee Class “Breakpoints” below for additional information.

  1. Determine number of weeks to be worked in the 12 month period:
    • Total number of weeks = _____
  2. Determine number of hours scheduled to work each week:
    • Hours to be worked per week = _____
  3. Determine total number of hours to be worked:
    • Total number of weeks _____ x hours per week _____ = total hours ______
  4. Determine FTE:
    • Total hours _______/2080 = FTE ______

The Employee Class “Breakpoints” are below. Benefits are prorated based on annual FTE. The exception is Academic Professionals who are between .67-.99 FTE will receive full-time benefits per the Faculty/Academic Professional Contract.

Employee Class “Breakpoints”

Employee Class Breakpoints
Employee Class Hours Per Fiscal Year FTE Benefits? Account Code Class Code Position Type
Full time 2080 1.0 Yes 01510 CF Single position
Part time 600 – 2079 .288 – .99 Pro-rated 01521 CP Single position
Casual 599 or less Under .288 No 01522 CE Pool position
Academic Professional
Full time 2080 1 Yes 01610 EF Single position
Part time 1387 – 2079 .67 – .99 Yes (full time) 01621 EH Single position
Part time 960 – 1386 .46 – .66 Pro-rated 01621 EH Single position
Casual 959 or less Under .46 No 01522 CE Pool position
Full time 2080 1 Yes 01110 AF Single position
Part time 1040 – 2079 .5 – .99 Pro-rated 01120 AP Single position
Casual 1039 or less Under .5 No 01125 CE Pool position
Full time 2080 1 Yes 01170 CO Single position
Part time 1040 – 2079 .5 – .99 Pro-rated 01171 CH Single position
Casual 1039 or less Under .5 No 01522 CE Pool position