Student Affairs Division Manager

  • Title: Student Affairs Division Manager
  • Category: Management
  • FLSA: Exempt
  • Grade: N

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Student Affairs Dean, plans, organizes, and manages an assigned division within the department to facilitate the delivery of services to students in the College. Student Affairs Division Managers work under broad, administrative direction with significant responsibility for an assigned area, such as registration, financial aid and/or Disability Services. Responds to inquiries from College departments, educational institutions, the community, and/or external agencies and supervises academic services staff.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Division Manager, Student Affairs has overall responsibility and accountability for providing direction in the areas of registration, financial aid or disability services. Positions recommend operating policies and procedures.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Supervises management, academic professional staff, classified staff, and/or technical/support staff. May supervise faculty. Performs both direct and indirect supervision through subordinates. Hires, trains, mentors and evaluates employees in the division. Disciplines and recommends dismissal of staff as necessary.
  2. Stays current on regulatory changes to ensure that the College has systems and procedures in place to maintain compliance, as required. Evaluates and communicates the impact of potential legal or regulatory changes on the College.
  3. Plans, organizes, administers, and manages processes and operations related to assigned area(s) of responsibility; interprets and applies federal and state mandated guidelines. Plans, implements, administers, and evaluates related projects and services impacting the college.
  4. Establishes, monitors, evaluates, and modifies processes, procedures, and/or standards, ensuring alignment with the College’s mission, values, goals, and objectives, as well as all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  5. Serves as a liaison to applicable external agencies, internal departments, and applicable educational institutions representing the College with respect to registration financial aid and/or disability services processes and procedures.
  6. Advises and enforces College policies related to services in assigned Student Affairs divisions.
  7. Maintains a variety of student and program records and information in assigned area of responsibility. Oversees the preparation and maintenance of accurate federal and state statistical reports in assigned area of responsibility. Assists with applicable internal and external audits.
  8. Analyzes, reviews, and oversees the preparation and dissemination of a variety of reports for the College for use and access by students and/or external agencies and institutions.
  9. Develops and facilitates information sessions, presentations, and workshops related to assigned area of Student Affairs.
  10. Develops, plans, implements, and administers organizational goals and objectives.
  11. Participates in developing and administering division budget; implements and allocates resources following budget approval; approves expenditures.
  12. Advises and responds to questions from College departments and external agencies regarding complex issues or policies impacting assigned programs and services.
  13. Positions in this classification may perform all or some of the responsibilities above and all positions perform other related duties as assigned.
Position-Specific Duties and Responsibilities
Counseling Services

Positions assigned to Counseling Services may also be responsible for:

  • Managing the delivery of student counseling services across the District in accordance with legal requirements, ethical codes of practitioner licensure, PCC polices and principles, and accreditation standards for college mental health counseling.
  • Advising and initiating the creation of college policies and procedures related to counseling services.
  • Establishing, monitoring, evaluating, and modifying the goals and objectives of Counseling Services, as well as operational processes, procedures, and standards.
  • Providing clinical supervision, mentorship, training, and support for the professional needs for licensed/unlicensed counselors, support staff, and graduate interns. Consults and guides counseling practitioners regarding clinical concerns and ethical dilemmas.
  • Provides clinical consultation to the Behavioral Intervention Teams (BIT) and during urgent/emergent student mental health situations.
Disability Services

Position assigned to Disability Services may also be responsible for:

  • Planning and managing the college’s Disability Access Services in accordance with legal requirements, PCC policies and principles, ethics and practices.
  • Ensuring that the access and educational needs of students with disabilities are addressed by evaluating reasonable accommodations required and providing assistive technologies, sign language interpreters, transcribers, captionists, tutors and classroom aides.
  • Overseeing the maintenance and security of confidential records (documentation, correspondence and legal information) pertaining to students with disabilities.
  • Serving as a resource to the college by planning, directing and implementing faculty and staff development programs/workshops regarding disability issues and best practices.
  • Providing support and authorization for disability-based course substitutions to be accepted as part of a student’s application.
Financial Aid

Position assigned to Financial Aid may also be responsible for:

  • Applying for, managing, and allocating federal, state, private, and institutional student financial aid funds.
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures for financial aid, veteran’s services, and child care subsidy programs.
  • Managing the implementation and maintenance of the automated financial aid system, document imaging system, and other applicable software systems.
  • Responding to and resolving student complaints, grievances, and formal written appeals, including advising students regarding all aspects of financial aid.
  • Managing federal work-study contract agreements with various non-profit agencies, including making determinations regarding loan guarantee agencies that the College will collaborate with to guarantee student loans.
Outreach, Orientation, and Enrollment Services

Position assigned to OOES may also be responsible for:

  • Planning, organizing, maintaining, and managing the processes and operations of general admission and enrollment services for the College; managing the activities of the Recruitment, Admissions, and Enrollment Services department
  • Collaboratively working with the Office of the Registrar and other departments in planning, implementing, administering and evaluating projects and services impacting College operations from a recruitment, admission, and registration perspective.
  • In coordination with the Office of the Registrar, developing, recommending, organizing and administering the College’s policies and procedures pertaining to the admission and enrollment of all students including new, transfer, former, continuing, credit and non-credit students.
  • Managing the dual admissions process with partner institutions. Serving as the liaison to university colleagues to research, resolve and respond to student issues. Coordinating and developing new partnerships. Collaborating with partner schools to develop dual admission applications, processes and information forms.
  • Monitoring compliance with government regulations and ensuring that the College has systems and procedures in place to maintain compliance as required.  Evaluating and communicating the impact of potential legal or regulatory changes on the College.

Minimum Qualifications

Master’s Degree in student personnel, counseling and guidance, public administration or related field and six years progressively responsible experience managing a related department in a post-secondary institution.

Position Specific Minimum Qualifications

Counseling Services requires a Master’s degree in Counselor Education, Clinical or Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Work or comparable discipline with an ACA or APA accredited internship. Current mental health license to practice in Oregon (LPC, LCSW, Psychologist, Psychologist) or documented ability to obtain license within 6 months of employment. Five years post licensure and three years clinical supervision experience required. Experience practicing within a college counseling center.

Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge of:
  • Managerial principles;
  • Student services administration principles and practices at post-secondary institutions;
  • Records maintenance principles and practices;
  • Budgeting principles and practices;
  • Project management principles;
  • Principles and practices in assigned area of responsibility;
  • Higher education principles and practices.
Skills in:
  • Supervising and providing leadership to subordinate staff;
  • Developing, recommending, implementing, and monitoring policies, procedures, and work flow;
  • Preparing a variety of reports related to departmental activities, including statistical analysis;
  • Developing and managing a budget;
  • Evaluating assigned programmatic area for compliance with applicable regulations;
  • Speaking in public;
  • Coordinating the preparation and publication of a variety of reports;
  • Conducting research to identify solutions, resolve problems, or provide information;
  • Working with diverse academic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of community college students and staff;
  • Utilizing computer technology for communication, data gathering and reporting activities;
  • Communicating effectively through oral and written mediums.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work is generally performed in an office environment with frequent interruptions and irregularities in the work schedule. Learned physical skill is required for keyboarding. No special coordination beyond that used for normal mobility and handling of everyday objects and materials is needed to perform the job satisfactorily.

Reviewed: 12/2018
Revised: 2/2016; 7/2011; 10/2018
Replaces: Enrollment Services Division Manager (Director of Financial Aid, Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar), 04/07