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I-9 Form and Required Documents

Below is a summary of the paperwork and documentation needed to begin work at PCC. Check out the New Employee Checklist to use as a road map to a positive startup with us.

Required hiring documents for all employees:

  1. I-9 Form with Supporting Document(s)
  2. Employee Information Form
  3. Federal W-4 form and Form OR W-4

Please submit the W-4’s directly to the Payroll Team at Payroll-group@PCC.edu and all other hiring documents to HRIS-group@pcc.edu.

I-9 Form Instructions

The I-9 is an employment form required by the Department of Justice. This form is used to establish a person’s identity and their eligibility to be employed. Substantial fines can be imposed on PCC for non-compliance. Incomplete I-9’s will be returned to the hiring department for completion. The I-9 form must be completed and submitted within 3 business days of the employee’s first day of employment.

Process Guides
Accessing the Form

Access and complete either the online pdf or printed version of the I-9 Form. The I-9 has two separate sections that must be completed.

Section 1 – To be Completed by the Employee
  1. Employee fills in personal information; name, address, date of birth, and social security number (exactly as stated on the social security card).
    • Don’t have a Social Security Number? Social Security cards can be requested from the Social Security Online site. Proof that you have requested a Social Security Number can be used when completing the Form I-9.
  2. Employee checks the box that accurately describes their work eligibility status:
    • U.S. Citizen
    • Lawful Permanent Resident (include Alien Number), or
    • Alien authorized to work with INS Work Permit (include Expiration Date)
  3. Employee readsand physically signs and dates the form.
  4. Employee provides the completed Section 1 and their verifying document(s) to the employing department. Acceptable documents are listed on the back of the Form I-9. Use either one document from List A – OR – a document from List B AND List C.

Common questions about completing Section 1 of the Form I-9.

Section 2 – To be Completed by the Employing Department
  1. Verify that the Employee has completely filled out Section 1.
  2. Examine the  Original Document(s)* and fill in the document title, issuing authority, number and expiration date (if any) in the space provided. Please Note: Acceptable documents are listed on the back of the I-9. Use either one document from List A – OR – a document from List B and List C.
  3. Read Certification, enter the first day of work and complete the Employer or Authorized Representative information including PCC and address, sign, and date. Note – This must be a ‘wet’ signature – no electronic signatures are accepted!
  4. Email the I-9 form to HRIS-group@pcc.edu.

What about remote/out-of-town employees?

For remote/out-of-town employees who are  unable to visit a PCC campus to complete I-9 Verification:

The Authorized Representative (HR personnel of a public, federally accredited university/community college, or a notary public outside the state of California) must view the employee’s original, physical, ID documentation as per federal regulations and complete section 2 of the I-9 as if they were us at PCC. They should use their own name and title, but Portland Community College as the organization name, and the employee’s hiring department’s address.

Contact the People Data and Systems team at HRIS-group@pcc.edu,  971-722-5854 or 971-722-5881 for assistance.

Hiring an international student? The Office of International Students Services has information for employers about hiring F-1 international students. Please check out the OISS Employer page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the new employee signs the I-9, does the signature have to be witnessed?

No, you do not have to actually witness the employee’s signature but you do have to look at the original documents that are presented for verification. This will confirm that the person completing the I-9 is the person who is providing the documentation.

Is it acceptable for me to use a copy of the employee’s documentation to complete Section 2 of the I-9?

No, you must be presented with the original of the documentation for the verification of the employee.  If it is not possible to have the employee complete the I-9 at your office, you may arrange for them to go to a different campus that might be more accessible to the employee.

Do I need to take a copy of the ID documentation that is presented to me for Verification on the I-9?

No, you do not need to take a copy of the documents. When you sign the form you are certifying that you have looked at the original documents and they appear authentic.

What if I leave a section blank?

You will need to review the I-9 to make sure you have completed all sections. If any section is not complete, we will return the I-9 to you for completion.

Is it alright for me to tell the employee what ID documents to bring in to complete the I-9?

No. If we ask for any specific documents it could be considered “document discrimination”. If there is a question about what documents to bring, show the employee the list of documents listed on the back of the I-9.

Can I just make copies of the I-9 instead of printing it out each time I need it?

Yes. You can make copies of the I-9 but you must have the list of acceptable documents listed on the back of the I-9 for the employee to review.

I get tired of writing out the address at the bottom of the I-9, is this necessary?

Yes. This section is just as important as the rest of the I-9 document. You must include the address at the bottom of the I-9 for it to be considered a completed form.

Is it important to include the date of the first day of work in the Certification section of the I-9?

Yes. The information listed on the I-9 is intended to be an accurate “snapshot” of the employee’s information on the first day of work. The start date is important in order to define that first date of employment.

What if I am notified by Human Resources that an employee does not have an I-9 on file?

If you are notified by Human Resources that an I-9 is not in the file for an employee, you must have the employee complete one as soon as you are notified and return the completed form to Human Resources. If the employee or department does not comply, you will be notified to terminate the employee immediately. Completion of the I-9 form is a condition of employment.

Do I have to complete a new I-9 if a part-time employee returns after summer break?

No. As long as the employee is an active employee in Banner, they do not need to submit a new I-9. If an employee leaves PCC and comes back, our current policy is to have all employees do a new I-9. 

How can I tell if an I-9 has been already completed and on file?

To find out if an I-9 has been completed, go to PEAEMPL in Banner, click on Regulatory Information under ‘Options’. You will see the date the I-9 was received, the expiration date (if applicable) and temporary status information (if any).

Can I hire an individual if they don’t have a Social Security Number?

No, unless they can show proof that they have requested a Social Security Number. Social Security cards can be requested from the Social Security Online site.