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Shipping/Receiving Clerk

  • Title: Shipping/Receiving Clerk
  • Class: Classified
  • Exempt Status: Non-exempt
  • Grade: 14

Nature and Scope of Work

Under the direction of central stores or bookstore management, receives, verifies invoices, forwards and stores merchandise for user departments or for sale in campus outlets. Drives cargo van or truck to deliver and pick up merchandise, books and other goods throughout the college district and Portland area businesses and schools. Interpersonal contacts primarily include college central service staff, external delivery services, publishers, manufacturers and local businesses. Job requires well-developed verbal skills to present and exchange information which is sometimes technical or complex. Work results impact the accuracy, reliability and acceptability of further results beyond the immediate work section. Responsible for producing journey-level work output on an independent basis subject to supervisory direction and review. May provide training and guidance to other staff and alternative learning students, work study and student help.

Principal Accountabilities (includes all or some of the following)

  1. Receives incoming shipments of merchandise; transports to storage area, verifies count with packing slip/invoice, notes and records any shortages/overages. Notifies appropriate operational and accounting personnel of any discrepancies. May affix prices on general merchandise prior to putting them into stock or transporting them to campus outlets.
  2. Puts merchandise into stock and/or arranges for transfer. Operates forklift, pallet jack, and/or hand truck to transport goods.
  3. Drives cargo van or truck to deliver and pick up equipment, books, furniture and other merchandise throughout the college district and Portland area businesses and schools.
  4. Provides information, takes and processes orders in person or through telephone contact.
  5. Ships goods/merchandise via U.P.S. and various freight carriers. In the event of damage or incorrect shipments, packs and returns items to vendor, in accordance with vendor guidelines and carrier regulations.
  6. Conducts inventory of goods and equipment as required. Works with purchasing and accounts payable departments on matters concerning proper location of goods, complete/incomplete purchase orders and requisitions and location of necessary paperwork to complete and ship orders.
  7. Organizes and maintains storage area in a safe and efficient manner.
  8. Maintains accurate files and records; distributes documents to appropriate departments.
  9. Provides training and guidance to other staff and alternative learning students, work study and student help.
  10. Performs preventive maintenance, servicing, fueling and recordkeeping of college vehicles. Arranges for other repairs as necessary.
  11. May process student book orders via the phone and/or web. This involves accessing orders, pulling books to be sent, operating a cash register, and shipping items to students.
  12. Provides back-up and/or assists in related functions, such as mailroom.
  13. May assist and/or be cross-trained in other related areas such as heavy truck driving.
  14. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment

Work occurs indoors in bookstores, warehouses and delivery points and outdoors when transporting or unloading. Works with hazardous chemicals and toxic substances occasionally. Exposure to one or more disagreeable condition, including weather extremes and occasional extended hours.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to lift/move heavy boxes, materials (70+ lbs). Uses learned physical skill to operate forklift, pallet jack and hand truck. Requires considerable physical exertion.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent; one year of experience performing stock control, inventory and recordkeeping functions. Basic knowledge of computer data entry/retrieval procedures.

Ability to interact effectively with wide spectrum of people, and to maintain composure under stressful conditions. Requires patience and well-developed verbal skills to provide training and guidance to others, particularly special needs students. Ability to organize and schedule work to meet established timelines with minimum supervision.

Must have a valid driver’s license and possess an acceptable driving record. Must be able to pass PCC’s “Forklift Operators” and “Right to Know” requirements.

Reviewed: 12/18

  • Revised: 04/07
  • Replaces: 11/09/04