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Public Safety Sergeant


Title: Public Safety Sergeant

Class: Classified

Exempt Status: Non-Exempt

Grade: 23

Nature and Scope of Work

Under the direction of the Director of Public Safety, leads and coordinates the work activities of public safety employees and plans and implements public safety operations/programs as assigned. While the responsibilities and activities may include direct “hands on” delivery of public safety services, a significant portion of the daily functions and responsibilities will be accomplished through the scheduling and assignment of tasks and workloads, and the monitoring of staff performance and the quality of service delivery. Work may include some routine administrative tasks and functions in direct support of the Director of Public Safety including but not limited to: performing planning and research, assisting in the development and implementation of policies and procedures, conducting investigations, making presentations on behalf of the department, training employees, representing the department at functions, and serving as a field operations coordinator for overall department activities within the district, in the absence of the Director of Public Safety. Assigned authority and responsibility is usually campus specific, however, may include multiple campuses, or extend throughout the entire college district.

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: (May include some or all of the following)

  1. Plans and coordinates all public safety services under assigned area of responsibility while maintaining budget accountability. Disseminates information, directs field operations, makes decisions about services, deploys and schedules personnel on assigned campus, or at other locations upon request.
  2. Resolves operational problems. Investigates situations and complaints, defines solutions, meets with public safety staff and other involved parties. Makes decisions on information received.
  3. Serves as liaison with college administration for public safety services and issues. Meets frequently with campus administrators, discusses problems and incidents. Informs them of any public safety issues which affect the safety/security of a campus or other specific location on college property. Becomes aware of concerns and helps resolve, or designs and implements solutions to alleviate concerns and problems. Forwards any unresolved issues to the Director of Public Safety.
  4. Coordinates work schedules and assignments of officers within assigned area of responsibility. Works with other sergeants and the director in best utilizing staff resources to accomplish department goals and objectives. Performs the duties of officers as necessary during their absence.
  5. Maintains officer accountability on assigned campus(es). Conducts inspections, assesses training needs and forwards such needs to the director for appropriate action. Recommends appropriate discipline in cases of breach of rule, regulation, policy or procedure. Counsels and meets with officers and other department employees. Writes officer performance reviews for review and approval by the Director.
  6. Takes appropriate actions in the event of criminal incidents, fire or medical emergencies. Deploys/assigns staff, directs as necessary, reviews reports, provides information to campus community and officers by notifying appropriate persons.
  7. Provides or facilitates crime prevention awareness programs, including the preparation and distribution of booklets, flyers, and crime alerts or warnings for the college community. Assists in providing updated training on the latest theory, knowledge, and practice in crime prevention techniques.
  8. Provides leadership and oversight of various specialty programs undertaken by the department, such as bicycle patrol, and the use of covert video cameras in crime suppression and solution.
  9. Performs tasks in direct support of the director. Such duties may include providing assistance in the planning, research, development, and implementation of department policies; training of employees; performing internal investigations, and pre-employment background investigations; assisting in the screening and selection of new employees; making presentations on behalf of the department and representing the department at meetings and functions.
  10. Maintains current knowledge of laws, college and department policies and procedures, and public safety methods and practices.
  11. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment

A Public Safety Sergeant is on call to respond to the needs of the department. Duties may involve over 40 hours of service a week. This position is considered to be “essential personnel” and may involve the performance of tasks during all types of weather, and in potentially dangerous situations that may include various hazards that present a threat to health and safety. Training in the use of public safety vehicles and equipment is provided and such training may be utilized in the performance of the duties during emergency situations.

Physical Requirements

The incumbent must maintain good physical condition and be able to respond to any public safety emergency which occurs on college property. An adequate knowledge and practice of defensive tactics must be utilized when such use of force is necessary to intercede in violent situations, including the protection of themselves or others, or in subduing an offender pursuant to a lawful arrest.

Minimum Qualifications

Associate’s degree or equivalent level of college course work is required in criminal justice or related area. Experience performing the duties of the job may substitute for the degree requirement on a year for year basis. Three years of public safety or law enforcement experience.

Must possess effective leadership, oral and written communication skills. Must have the ability to remain calm under pressure, make quick decisions, be multi-task oriented, balance the demands of many entities simultaneously and work through continual interruptions and distractions; establish and maintain good working relationships with a diverse college community; and stay abreast of changes in laws and procedures relevant to job.

Must be able to pass both a personal and criminal history background investigation. Must not have been convicted of a felony crime or any crime for which a maximum term of imprisonment of more than one year may be imposed. Must not have been convicted of any law involving the unlawful use, possession, delivery, or manufacture of a controlled substance, narcotic, or dangerous drug. Must have a valid driver’s license for operation of motor vehicles in the State of Oregon and possess an acceptable driving record.

Reviewed: 12/18

Rev: 09/03/97

Replaces: Public Safety Sergeant, Gr. 21, 03/17/97