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Program Specialist


Program Specialist

Category: Classified

FLSA: Non-Exempt

Grade: 20

Job Summary

This is a generic classification for a broad range of positions who work in support of a program, function or service offered by PCC. These positions play a role in direct program services. Positions in this classification are most commonly found in workforce development programs or other human service or social service areas but may be used in other subject areas, including some academic programs. They may be general fund positions or grant-funded.

Program Specialists perform an array of duties that range from program development to ongoing coordination of operations to measuring and tracking program effectiveness. They typically report to the program manager or director.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Program Specialists are in the classified bargaining unit and perform both technical and administrative functions in support of their program. They are distinguished from Academic Professionals and other professional positions in the college in that they do not require a four year college degree.

The classification is distinguished from Senior Office Assistant in that Senior Office Assistants also require significant department or program specific knowledge; their functions are primarily administrative support, rather than being directly involved in delivering program services.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Researches, analyzes, compiles and presents information and reports. Disseminates information to appropriate parties.
  2. Assists in program planning and organizing including assisting in defining program goals and objectives and developing procedures and processes.
  3. Coordinates with internal college resources, support services and external agencies.
  4. Coordinates and interacts with program customers and recipients.
  5. May be assigned in a lead role over other employees; classified staff as well as casual and student employees. May assist in selecting staff, making work assignments, staff training and development and have input to staff evaluations.
  6. Participates in or oversees the work of the program; identifies and resolves problems; monitors work flow; reviews and evaluates work products, methods and procedures.
  7. Assists with fiscal activities such as budgeting, seeking or administering grant funds and associated fiscal tracking and reporting. May be extensively involved in compliance matters with federal and state or grant requirements.
  8. May be involved in developing or managing relationships with subcontractors, including preparing contracts, subcontracts and professional service agreements and interfacing with contractors, program and procurement personnel over the provisions of the agreements. Monitors subcontractor performance.
  9. Coordinates with partner agencies and organizations at the federal, state and local level, including those with a regulatory authority. Coordinates informally and assists in preparing official reports and correspondence.
  10. May create or maintain program records and files, including electronic and paper records and provide administrative support.
  11. Attends meetings and serves as organizer or member of groups and committees associated with the program.
  12. Positions in this classification may perform all or some of the responsibilities above and other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Positions in this classification typically require a blend of administrative experience, including expertise with technological resources, and experience or training related to the program or service to which assigned. A typical way to meet these requirements would be an Associate’s degree or equivalent units and two years of responsible experience related to the program area of assignment. Experience may substitute for the education requirement on a year-for-year basis.

Knowledge of: client or customer needs and circumstances; related or supportive community needs and resources, regulatory requirements and organizations; related college services and resources; funding sources and requirements; accounting and fiscal record keeping practices; general office administration and operation.

Ability to: Effectively perform each of the tasks above, as assigned; make effective use of technological resources; develop and maintain effective relationships with program clients, college staff at all levels and partner/regulatory agency personnel; analyze, interpret and compile complex data; continuously monitor and ensure program effectiveness and success.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work is typically performed in a standard office environment and exposure to video display terminals occurs on a regular basis. Duties typically involve managing multiple priorities, handling interruptions, deadlines and other work pressures. Some positions may require local and long distance travel and the use of a personal vehicle.

Learned physical skill is required for keyboarding and ten-key functions. Occasional lifting, guiding and/or carrying of light weight materials and equipment.

REVISED: 4/2018

NEW: 04/05