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Title: Plumber

Class: Classified

Exempt Status: Non-Exempt

Grade: 23

Nature and Scope of Work

Performs skilled plumbing work in the repair, maintenance, alteration and construction of College facilities; installs, repairs, services and maintains plumbing systems and equipment.

Principal Accountabilities

  1. Inspects, repairs, installs, services and maintains plumbing systems and sub-systems including pipes, fittings, fixtures, restroom fixtures, water fountains, fire-sprinkler systems, HVAC systems and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution in institutional buildings.  Performs similar work on non-wet systems such as gas and compressed air lines.  Works from plans, drawings, blue prints or specifications. Develops sketches or designs for work as appropriate.
  2. Repairs fixtures by repacking, reseating or repairing valves, cutting and threading pipe, bending pipe, flaring and brazing copper tubing, and testing valves and other equipment; cleans basins and unplugs pipes.
  3. Responds to plumbing emergencies and assists in the diagnosis of flooding and interruptions of service. Plans corrective measures and performs repairs.
  4. Diagnoses and resolves difficult plumbing problems; calls water utility as necessary; knows and understands all safety procedures of the College and observes safety of others and recommends precautionary action while repairs are in progress as necessary. Allows no work to be performed when conditions are considered unsafe.
  5. Performs record-keeping duties related to plumbing systems maintenance, repair and inspection.  Enters and tracks work orders in construction maintenance management system, including assigning work phases to larger plumbing projects.  Monitors on-going preventative maintenance needs and conducts annual inspection of backflow devices.  Maintains documentation as required by the College or outside agencies.
  6. Operates, cleans and maintains a variety of plumbing tools and equipment such as manual and power pipe cutting and threading machines, sewer cleaners, propane torches, and hand tools including drill motors, saws, chain pipe (snap) cutters; pipe, basin, strap and torque wrenches, and others, depending on piping materials.
  7. Coordinates the cleaning and maintenance of plumbing equipment and dedicated plumbing spaces. Maintains condition of dedicated plumbing spaces in a safe and legal condition. Coordinates the storage of plumbing supplies and equipment in legal areas.
  8. Prepares cost estimates for repairs and orders materials in accordance with established procedures.
  9. Observes and complies with federal, state and local plumbing codes.
  10. Provides work direction and guidance to other maintenance personnel as assigned to properly and safely complete orders.
  11. Assists in performing other maintenance duties such as assisting in air conditioning and electrical troubleshooting and repairs as it related to plumbing discipline.
  12. Responds to college emergencies and closures including adverse weather to be certain that all facilities are protected and remain operational. Assists with tasks required in preparing to open campuses after a closure including snow and ice removal, systems and equipment checks and start-up operations as assigned.
  13. Knows and understands all safety procedures of the College.
  14. Operates a college vehicle and is responsible for maintenance and the safe operation of that vehicle.
  15. Attends all regular staff meetings of the Facilities Management Services maintenance staff and participates in problem solving and discussions of systems and project related issues.
  16. May perform other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work is performed primarily in the field at the site of the work. Working conditions may be somewhat disagreeable and involve potential exposure to safety hazards and noise. Regular travel between College facilities in a college vehicle is required.

Work requires the ability to lift moderately heavy equipment and materials, stand for extended periods of time. Extensive walking, climbing ladders and entering cramped and difficult locations may be part of the daily activities depending on work locations.  Must be able to use tools normally associated with plumbing work.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent.  Valid Oregon Plumber, Journeyman (PJ) license is required. Four years of journey-level commercial/industrial plumbing maintenance and repair experience is required.  Must have a valid driver’s license for operation of a motor vehicle in Oregon and possess an acceptable driving record and State of Oregon Backflow Assembly Tester Certification or obtain with 90 days of joining.

Knowledge of: Principles, methods, equipment and tools used in the installation, maintenance and repair of plumbing systems and equipment; troubleshooting techniques; water supply layout, waste, venting and other piping systems; plumbing codes and their proper implementation; health and safety regulations and work practices; recordkeeping techniques; plumbing systems and repair of plumbing systems found in large commercial and public buildings.

Ability to: Repair, install and maintain a wide variety of plumbing systems and equipment; make arithmetic calculations related to specialty quickly and accurately; work from blue prints, shop drawings and sketches, technical diagrams and work orders; use and maintain a variety of hand and power tools and machines utilized in the; understand and follow oral and written directions; work independently with little direction; perform other skilled maintenance work as assigned; prepare cost estimates; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others.

New: 8/11

Revised: 10/2019