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Instructional Support Technician III


Title: Instructional Support Technician III

Class: Classified

Exempt Status: Non-exempt

Grade: 18

Nature and Scope of Work

Under the technical direction of one or more members of the faculty or an instructional administrator, prepares multiple laboratories or classrooms following specified instructions. Assists with the design, construction and/or fabrication of equipment, modules, and experiments that will be used in the laboratories or classrooms to assist the instructor in the delivery of desired instructional outcomes. Work is performed relatively independently subject to supervisory review and direction. Incumbents may provide work direction to work-study, student helpers and casual employees and coordinate their activities, which precludes substantial involvement in the work of the specific laboratory.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This classification is distinguished from the Instructional Support Technician IV in that the IV works independently in resolving problems and making decisions, participates in the delivery of actual instruction and/or serves as lead worker over classified employees.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities (includes some or all of the following)

  1. Works in consultation with faculty/instructional administrator to design, construct, modify or rebuild equipment, modules, experiments that will be used in the classrooms/laboratories. Provides general assistance to students, faculty and staff to ensure initial orientation to safety protocols and proper use of the laboratory and personal protective equipment. Troubleshoots and diagnoses problems with equipment; may assist in setting up laboratories.
  2. Coordinates the support activities of many laboratories; establishes procedures for the use of equipment, supplies, materials, software, hardware, and machinery.
  3. Provides work direction for student helpers, work study students and casual staff; coordinates work schedules to ensure coverage. Orients new staff to the procedures and policies of the laboratories; trains staff in the safe maintenance and use of all equipment in the laboratories; monitors performance and reports any problems to administrative supervision. May create EPAF’s and process timesheets for students and casual staff.
  4. Orders departmental supplies and equipment and instructional materials, utilizing College purchasing card and ensuring adherence to College purchasing guidelines. Tracks expenditures and reconciles bank statements.
  5. Maintains and inventories equipment, materials, supplies, written materials, software and hardware required for student instructional needs. May perform or schedule repairs on equipment. Checks out equipment, supplies and materials to students; maintains contact with appropriate vendors.
  6. May reconcile expenditure transactions for assigned department against College database budget reports, processing the transfer of monies as required ensuring accounts are balanced. Authorizes limited budget expenditures up to authorized amount.
  7. May be required to handle, store and dispose of hazardous materials following Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) protocols. Maintains Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  8. Maintains records of activities undertaken in the support of the laboratories which may include typing forms, inputting data or otherwise retaining information regarding the acquisition, maintenance and distribution of tools, equipment, materials, supplies and/or written materials.
  9. Provides for the general cleanliness and security of the laboratories or work areas; assists in providing for a safe environment for the conduct of the laboratories. Reports maintenance problems as they occur.
  10. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work pressure, disturbances of work flow and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on an intermittent basis. Changes in the performance environment require occasional upgrading of skills. Working conditions may be somewhat disagreeable requiring occasional exposure to safety hazards, noise and temperature extremes. Some learned physical skills are required. Physical effort such as frequent standing, walking and lifting; guiding and/or carrying of lightweight materials or equipment; occasional periods of sustained effort.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent and two years of post-secondary education in a specific technical discipline appropriate to the instructional support. Two years of experience supporting laboratory activities in the technical area are required; relevant experience may substitute for the post-secondary education requirement on a year-for-year basis. Must have proven communications skills adequate to assist students in understanding the work they are to perform and ability to lead others.

Reviewed: 12/18

Revised: 11/12

Replaces: 5/11