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EMS Engineering Specialist


Title: EMS Engineering Specialist

Class: Classified

Exempt Status: Non-exempt

Level: 24

Job Summary

Under the direction of a manager or supervisor, the incumbent oversees the operation of the college’s computerized Energy Management System (EMS). Tasks include daily monitoring of the system for all areas of the college to ensure proper environmental and lighting control. The EMS Engineering Specialist performs adjustments and repairs in addition to specialized programming to correct system problems on a daily basis. The incumbent assists in the design and construction of additions and upgrades, and performs routine maintenance on the system in cooperation with other members of the college HVAC team and contractors. The employee tracks, investigates, identifies and repairs system problems or arranges for staff or contractor assistance as necessary.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Monitors and adjusts the college’s computerized EMS to ensure proper environmental and lighting control for all campuses and centers of the college. Runs daily check of all areas. Ensures to maximum extent possible the indoor environment is within PCC standards.
  2. Reviews mechanical system operation for optimal performance and energy efficiency and makes changes to programming to achieve energy goals.
  3. Plans, helps in the design and prioritization of EMS upgrades and additions and works with members of the HVAC Team to ensure smooth operational continuity.
  4. Installs, operates and maintains EMS parts and equipment.
  5. Tracks, investigates, identifies and repairs EMS equipment and software problems. Interacts with the control system’s contractors and suppliers to scope and propose proper sequence of operation.  Provides support for college computer programs used by this system which are not supported by the TSS Department.
  6. Coordinates EMS work on the various campus and center locations by staff and outside contractors including maintenance, repair, renovation and construction.  Solves identified problems including daily adjustments for heating and cooling escalated by HVAC technicians.
  7. Builds and develops graphic screens required to operate and monitor the EMS System effectively. Analyzes and modifies EMS software programs to fit unique and custom applications of the college.
  8. Assists and trains staff members needing access to the EMS System. Keeps staff up-to-date on all changes and revisions. Maintains appropriate backup for EMS computer systems.
  9. Recommends and coordinates EMS training. Provides support in setting up remote work stations and keeping them upgraded. Recommends system computer and software upgrades.
  10. As part of the HVAC Team, helps in developing recommendations for system additions and upgrades, setting priorities and establishing budget information for the identified work. Obtains price quotes for services, parts, equipment and supplies, and maintains an inventory of parts and equipment. Makes purchases as necessary.
  11. Keeps and maintains an inventory report of all stock. Tracks spending and assists in preparing cost reports when requested. Reviews contractor invoices for accuracy.
  12. Tracks energy use by monitoring systems, analyzing trends in energy metering, and developing and publishing reports on any trends.
  13. Attends maintenance staff meetings to assist in discussions and problem solving.
  14. Maintains appropriate licenses, including taking necessary training to keep the licenses valid. Remains current on new technology, methodology and equipment.
  15. Operates a college vehicle.
  16. Responds to college emergencies including adverse weather closures to help secure college facilities and equipment when directed. Assists other Facilities Management Services staff with tasks needed to reopen the college after closure.
  17. Follows college protocols for safety.
  18. Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and recommends solutions to HVAC issues.
  19. Performs other appropriate duties as assigned.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work is performed at the computer in an office environment and in the field doing repairs and installation of EMS system parts. Work is frequently performed in cramped and awkward positions. Exposure to noise, temperature extremes and humidity variations is normal when working in areas where mechanical equipment is located (e.g., mechanical tunnels, boiler rooms, penthouses and rooftops). Working in high places is often necessary. Exposure to inclement weather is normal.

Must be mobile and able to reach most areas while carrying tools and parts. Climbing stairs and ladders is a normal part of the job with heights to 20 feet probable. Must be able to get in and out of tight places and to work in awkward positions.

Minimum Qualifications

A high school diploma or equivalent and four (4) years of experience operating Direct Digital Controls (DDC) control systems for HVAC and lighting control in a commercial or institutional setting.  Two years of experience installing and/or operating and maintaining HVAC equipment and HVAC systems.  An Associate’s degree in the facilities maintenance trades may substitute for two years of work experience.

Incumbents must possess knowledge of computerized energy management systems and technologies.  The above-mentioned qualifications are demonstrated by possessing all of these required certifications upon hire or within nine (9) months of hire date:

  • Tridium AX,
  • Honeywell Spyder Core Competency,
  • Level 2 WEBs

Must have experience with LON based Honeywell Spyder and Distech controllers including programming.  A Limited Maintenance Electricians license or Low Voltage Electrical license is required.  An acceptable driving record and valid driver’s license for operation of a motor vehicle in Oregon or Washington is also required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge in:

  • Software and computer language used in operating computerized systems of HVAC and lighting;
  • A broad range of computer systems to customize software and build and develop graphic screens required to operate and monitor systems;
  • Control parameters and functionality of building HVAC and EMS systems;
  • Extensive understanding of HVAC system operations and interactions, appropriate control parameters, and functional interactions.

Skills in:

  • Customer service skills working with a diverse population  with various levels of understanding about the HVAC systems and communicating with different groups receiving assistance;
  • Customizing system software, building and developing graphic screens required to operate and monitor system.

Ability to:

  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
  • Analyze system problems and make corrections and perform minor repairs in the field;
  • Design and install control sub-systems integrated with a total system;
  • Estimate material quantity and costs, and time costs;
  • Perform job duties independently of supervision;
  • Remain calm in high pressure and/or difficult situations;
  • Work with multiple priorities in a fast-paced and changing environment;
  • Organize and maintain records;
  • Manage time well;
  • Learn quickly and apply knowledge to new situations;
  • Provide independent support of the EMS system including ability to set up hardware; work stations and to upgrade them as necessary;
  • Program appropriate operations in HVAC systems.

Reviewed: 12/18

Revised: 05/2014

Revised: 11/2013

Replaces: EMS Technician, Gr. 20, 01/30/96, 08/2000, and 07/2012