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Supervising Electrician

  • Title: Supervising Electrician
  • Category: Classified
  • FLSA: Non-Exempt
  • Grade: 26

Job Summary

Performs skilled electrical work; plans, assigns, coordinates and oversees the work of journey level craft personnel within the College and outside contractors engaged in the construction, installation, maintenance, repair and servicing of electrical systems. Receives and evaluates work orders and requests, establishes priorities and assigns appropriate personnel to make the necessary repairs. Provides subject matter expertise related to the electrical field and advises the College on issues related to code requirements and impacts.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Performs skilled preventative and corrective electrical maintenance to equipment associated with College buildings, interior and exterior lighting, electrical door systems, fire and intrusion alarms, elevator controls, and miscellaneous building maintenance equipment; installs, alters, and repairs interior and exterior wiring systems, floor lifts and other electrical devices.
  2. Tests, locates, and repairs trouble in electrical circuits and equipment; performs some electronic equipment repair and troubleshooting; repairs and replaces broken or defective parts; repairs electrical motors, parts, wiring and other electrical devices.
  3. Installs and maintains motors and generators; performs other electrical work and some related mechanical work in repairing and replacing parts.
  4. Performs a variety of maintenance tasks such as servicing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and other related building maintenance work.
  5. Prioritizes electrical work to ensure operational reliability; works with contractors and electrical engineers to analyze systems and prepare upgrades.
  6. Functions as lead electrician to assigned staff; organizes, schedules, assigns and reviews the work of others.
  7. Continually assesses and evaluates electrical systems for adequate capacity, safety and code compliance; plans preventive maintenance programs and ensures their effective implementation. Coordinates with other maintenance personnel to evaluate electrical plant aspects to ensure safety to public and all College personnel.
  8. Develops jointly with campus Facilities Management Services managers short and long term repair plans and programs. Reviews plans for remodeling and new construction. Schedules and coordinates activities with campus Facilities Management Services managers.
  9. Assists in designing and estimating costs for projects and improvements. Serves as project manager for electrical work related to building remodels and new construction.
  10. Assists with budget preparation and tracks and monitors electrical costs and usage. Tracks expenditures for various electrical projects and maintains records as required. Manages project expenditures to ensure they are within budget parameters.
  11. Secures bids related to electrical work. Coordinates and monitors the work performed by outside contractors to ensure compliance to code standards and operational requirements of the College.
  12. Analyzes records and reports to recommend changes in equipment, methods and materials used.
  13. Purchases and maintains an inventory of parts and equipment needed for repair and maintenance of electrical systems through out College district.
  14. Conducts field inspections of work in progress and completed projects to ensure systems are in proper operating condition.
  15. Responds to electrical emergencies and assists with the diagnosis of outages and interruptions of service. Plans corrective measures and performs repairs.
  16. Ensures that electrical permit records are current at all College locations and coordinates electrical inspections. Obtains permits as required and ensures that permits are appropriately obtained by outside contractors.
  17. Responds to college emergencies and closures including adverse weather to be certain that all facilities are protected and remain operational. Assists with tasks required in preparing to open campuses after a closure including snow and ice removal, systems and equipment checks and start-up operations as assigned.
  18. Interprets blueprints, drawings, sketches, and specifications in making electrical installations; uses voltmeters, ammeters, and hand tools ordinarily used in the electrical trade.
  19. Maintains appropriate licenses. Keeps abreast of technical trends and advances in the field and researches and recommends the use of new equipment, devices and systems.
  20. Knows and understands all safety procedures of the College. Observes the work of others and brings safety concerns to their attention. Reports all unsafe acts and conditions which remain uncorrected to supervisor or EHOS Manager. Allows no work to be performed when conditions are considered unsafe.
  21. Operates an assigned college vehicle and is responsible for the proper maintenance and safe operation of that vehicle.
  22. Attends regular staff meetings of the Facilities Management Services maintenance staff and participates in problem solving and discussions of systems and project related issues.

Positions in this classification may perform all or some of the responsibilities above and all positions perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

High School diploma or equivalent; six years of journey-level commercial/industrial electrical maintenance and repair experience, of which two years included responsibility for leading the work of others. Possession of a valid Oregon State General Supervisor Electrician’s license is required. Must be able to distinguish color-coded cables. Must have a valid driver’s license for operation of a motor vehicle in Oregon and possess an acceptable driving record.

Knowledge of:

Principles, methods and equipment used in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and electronic equipment; relevant state and federal regulations, codes and ordinances pertaining to the work; safety practices, safe work methods and safety regulations pertaining to the work; electrical power distribution and system design; standard electrical trade maintenance, construction and design techniques; electrical systems and the repair of heating and cooling systems found in large commercial and public buildings; computer software applications.

Ability to:

Plan, organize, estimate, coordinate, assign, review and evaluate the work of others; identify and implement effective courses of action to complete assigned work; read and interpret drawings, specifications and manuals; understand and effectively carry out oral and written instructions; exercise judgment and initiative within established guidelines; establish and maintain effective working relationships; coordinate work assignments and use computer software for reporting.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work is performed primarily in the field at the site of the work. Working conditions may be somewhat disagreeable involving potential exposure to safety hazards and noise. Regular travel between campuses in an assigned college vehicle is required. While primary duty hours are day shift, must be able to work in the event of emergencies or operational disruptions.

Work requires the ability to lift moderately heavy equipment and materials, stand for extended periods of time. Extensive walking, climbing ladders and entering cramped and difficult locations may be part of daily activities depending on work locations. Must be able to use hand tools normally associated with electrical work and small power tools.

Reviewed: 12/18

  • New: 3/06