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Dining Center Coordinator


Title: Dining Center Coordinator

Class: Classified

Exempt Status: Non -Exempt

Grade: 16

Nature and Scope of Work

Under the direction of food services management, directs food service activities for a single campus. Directs the work of employees and student workers. Ensures compliance with County/State/Federal health and safety codes; maintains systems for inventory; monitors costs, security of assets and cash handling. Plans and/or prepares both hot and cold food for the campus community, including catering for special events. Interpersonal contacts encompass public, college staff, vendors, county agencies, students and peers in other departments. Job requires well-developed verbal skills in establishing harmonious relationships, gaining trust and cooperation. Incumbent is a key contributor with work results impacting the accuracy, reliability and acceptability of further results beyond the immediate work section.

Principal Accountabilities

  1. Directs the work of employees and student workers on assigned jobs. Maintains a working environment, which fosters a high level of morale and teamwork among employees. Job procedures to meet daily deadlines for service and to resolve interpersonal conflicts with the public.
  2. Evaluates and restructures work flow as needed to maintain a consistent level of service to the public for the day and evening shifts of a single operation during illness and absenteeism. Maintain up to date time sheets and time cards for each employee.
  3. Prepares food items, as needed, for daily business and special catered events in accordance with population fluctuations as well as County/State/Federal health codes. Maintains production records.
  4. Purchases food and supplies daily for a single food service operation.
  5. Prepares catering including the coordination of facilities, menu modifications to comply with each dietary restriction and maintains superior food quality and service standards in a timely manner.
  6. Monitors food costs and revenue data. Handles cash and records related to daily monetary transactions using security procedures.
  7. Assists with the development of standardized recipes.
  8. Supervises products served to customers. Coordinates equipment repairs. Ensures a safe environment for staff, student workers and customers.
  9. Follows departmental policy in planning daily menus. Determines best use of food considering weather/season, campus activities, student head count, etc., for maximum efficiency and cost control.
  10. Maintains accurate records including accounting of purchases, sales, income, and expenses on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as directed.
  11. Receives and stocks food for storage and refrigeration in safe, sanitary and orderly manner. Monitors and maintains inventory for monthly and annual audit.
  12. Maintains current knowledge of County and State codes and is inspected twice per year by external agencies to ensure compliance to these codes.
  13. Develops positive working relationships with vendors, customers, and the college community.
  14. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment

Food Services typically operates during extended hours to adequately serve the campus population. Work pressure and disturbances of work flow and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on a regular basis. Work environment includes exposure to noise extremes in temperature and occasional related hazards.

Physical Requirements

Extended standing, heavy lifting and operation of specialized equipment.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent. Minimum three years of experience preparing food in a high volume commercial food service environment which includes food preparation.

Knowledge of County/State/Federal health and safety codes and regulations pertaining to commercial food service operations. Must have the ability to independently coordinate food services activities including the planning of menus and supervising others. Good organizational, customer service and record keeping skills required. Must have the ability to analyze and monitor food costs.

Food handler’s card required.

Reviewed: 12/18

Rev: 4/1/03

Replaces: 3/17/93, Dining Center Coordinator I