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TITLE: Custodian

CLASS: Classified



Job Summary

As a part of Facilities Management Services (FMS), Custodians are responsible for a broad set of cleaning services and general upkeep in and around PCC facilities. The majority of the work focuses on inside services; however, on a seasonal basis expectations could include responsibilities such as clearing entrances to buildings and power washing exterior surfaces. In addition, laundry services are provided for campus gyms and other departments, along with laundering cleaning rags, dust mops, etc. for custodial use.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Custodians focus on ensuring the cleanliness of facilities across the PCC district. As time allows, or as requested, Custodians may assume some light maintenance responsibilities, but this is secondary to their primary responsibility of carrying out custodial services. Maintenance Custodians are primarily responsible for routine maintenance on the campus or center to which they are assigned. While custodial responsibilities for cleaning and upkeep may be assumed, this work is secondary to the maintenance focus of the job.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities (Individual positions may include some or all of the following)

  1. Performs regular cleaning of floors, walls, counters, windows, classroom boards, skylights, restrooms and building exteriors, according to established standards. Periodically deep cleans hard surface floors and carpeted floors.
  2. Cleans and disinfects all fixtures and surfaces in restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities, as well as all drinking fountains. As needed, resolves problems such as plugged toilets, sinks, floor drains and roof drains. May perform preventive maintenance on drains, traps and water filters.
  3. Uses industrial vacuum cleaners, buffers, extractors, auto scrubbers, shampooers and other assigned equipment. Cleans equipment after use, including emptying bags and fluid tanks in preparation for subsequent use. Reports problems and deficiencies in facilities and maintenance equipment to lead and/or supervise, including any safety issues. Returns tools, equipment and supplies to designated areas.
  4. Fills paper product dispensers in restrooms and other designated areas. Empties and cleans trash receptacles, pencil sharpeners, ash cans and recycling containers.
  5. Cleans spills as needed, including body fluids with exposure to blood borne pathogens.
  6. Cleans all HVAC grills, diffusers and air intakes. Monitors boilers, HVAC and swimming pool operations, as needed.
  7. Adheres to security procedures in opening and locking facilities and arming and disarming intrusion alarms.
  8. Launders cleaning supplies (rags, dust mops, etc.) used by the Custodial staff. Provides laundry service to campus pool/gyms and programs areas, such as medical and dental, to ensure they are supplied with clean towels and other washable goods.
  9. Sets up chairs and tables for special events.
  10. May replace light bulbs and diffusers in fixtures. May do minor maintenance on general purpose classroom furniture.
  11. Responds immediately during shift hours to requests by campus staff or administration for any emergency which may require minor maintenance.
  12. Performs outdoor duties during inclement weather, i.e., snow removal, sanding and de-icing.
  13. In the event of unscheduled closures due to weather events and/or other circumstances, custodial staff is considered “essential personnel” for reopening the college.
  14. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work environment is primarily inside PCC facilities and sometimes outside, both of which may include working in high places. Custodians are exposed to dirt, dust and cleaning solutions. Work may require periodic use of respirators. Physical skill and sustained physical effort may be required for some of the custodial responsibilities; i.e., operating equipment, shoveling snow, etc. Job requires moderate strength and agility.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent and minimum six months of custodian experience required. Past experience operating floor scrubbing machines, carpet shampooing equipment and high speed floor polishing equipment is required. Knowledge in the use and potential hazards of cleaning agents including solvents, disinfectants, detergents and polishing agents is required. Past experience in standard custodial practices, procedures and techniques in an organization with extended hours of operation and multiple high-traffic areas is required. Must have basic computer skills, such as email for communication and recordkeeping within the department. Ordinary verbal and reading skills are required to carry out job responsibilities.


REVISED: 2/4/11

REPLACES: 6/28/05