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  • Title: Cook
  • Class: Classified
  • FLSA: Non-Exempt
  • Grade: 13

Job Summary

Under the direct supervision of food service management, prepares hot and/or cold food for the campus community, including catering for special events. Incumbents may perform broad food preparation duties or focus on a specialty area (i.e. “Baker”, etc.). Communication skills are employed to interact with supervisor, co-workers, student trainees and the public. Incumbents are responsible for maintaining County/State/Federal health codes, customer satisfaction and accurate work results that are noticeable by the customer (i.e. food quality, wholesomeness, presentation, merchandising, portion control and maintenance of departmental food standards). May direct the work of student and casual employees assigned to work in the area.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This classification is distinguished from the Lead Cook in that incumbents assigned to the “lead” classification coordinate food production and oversee the work of cooks and other staff to ensure food production, quality and sanitation standards are met.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Prepares salads, hot food and bakery items for high volume consumption.
  2. Sets up, prepares and delivers catering orders for special occasions.
  3. Assists Food Service Supervisor with recipe development and modification, menu planning and determining best use of foods considering weather/season, campus activities, student headcount – for maximum efficiency and cost control.
  4. Sets up equipment for daily food preparation. Maintains work and service area in safe, sanitary and orderly manner. Understands and complies with County/State/Federal health codes to ensure health and safety of the customer.
  5. Responsible for storage of both perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs in safe manner. Inventories and maintains proper records of supplies. May include transferring of supplies between campuses.
  6. May provide training to culinary students, other student help and casual employees (including special needs and International students) to interact with the public, understand and comply with all applicable health codes and regulations, safe equipment operation procedures, cash handling, portion control, food quality standards, etc. Prepares training and progress reports upon request.
  7. Provides backup for the Dining Center Coordinator in their absence.
  8. Works or assists at fry station and cashiers as needed.
  9. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work is performed in a commercial food service operation environment. Exposure to noise and temperature extremes, ventilation problems occurs on a regular basis with less exposure to other potentially hazardous conditions. May require working extended hours with little notice. Work pressure and disturbances in the work flow frequently as a result of the need to accommodate large groups of customers without notice, absence of student help and other staff and the need to maintain an acceptable level of customer service. Work involves the operation of demanding equipment and standing for extended periods of time. Lifting and/or carrying materials weighing up to 40 pounds occurs with varied frequency.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent and one year of experience preparing food in a high production commercial food service environment. Knowledge of safe operation of commercial food service equipment, including deep fryers, ovens, cook tops, slicers, etc. is required. Knowledge of County/ State/Federal health and safety codes and regulations pertaining to commercial food service operations is also a requirement of this job.

Food handler’s card required.

Reviewed: 12/18

  • Revised: 02/11
  • Replaces: Cook, 3/10/93