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Public Safety Communications Officer


Title: Public Safety Communications Officer

Class: Classified

Exempt Status: Non-Exempt

Grade: 18

Job Summary

Under the direction of Public Safety management, performs a variety of duties following established guidelines which promote the safety and well-being of the college community. Primary accountabilities include dispatching all radio calls; receiving and responding to incoming telephone and radio communications; determining the nature of calls and deploying the appropriate emergency and non-emergency personnel and equipment; providing direction and guidance to callers reporting police, fire or medical emergencies and other incidents; access control; and monitoring video surveillance.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Dispatches all radio calls; fields all incoming telephone and radio communications; determines nature and location of calls; assesses scope and extent of response necessary; dispatches appropriate field units; coordinates with appropriate emergency service jurisdictions; and requests assistance as necessary.
  2. Coordinates public safety response to all emergency situations by assessing the seriousness and complexity of an incident; provides guidance to students, faculty and staff in handling incidents until the arrival of emergency services; calms and reassures the public, and provides responding units with pertinent information. Where appropriate, activates mass notification system for individual campus, center or district. Makes appropriate notifications to campus and district management.
  3. Utilizes and maintains certification for the use of the Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS), Portland Police Data System (PPDS) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data system which accesses highly confidential information. Distributes teletypes generated by above systems including but not limited to officer safety issues and crimes in vicinity of campus. Executes inquiries into the Law Enforcement Data System to monitor police activity occurring in the campus/center surrounding areas. Regularly communicates with Portland Police Officers and Portland Fire Bureau utilizing the Mobile Data Terminal.
  4. Operate Access Control; remotely lock/unlock/grant access for staff and officers to rooms at each campus; monitor card access/activity to each room; monitor panic alarms; inactivate lost/stolen access cards.
  5. Monitor surveillance cameras for each campus (i.e.: Milestone, Integral RemoteView, Network Viewer, DM NetVu Observer).
  6. Researches information for officers involved in field incidents regarding suspect wants and warrants and criminal history through internal department files, BANNER, and operation of LEDS, PPDS and NCIC. Provides pertinent information during in-progress situations. Utilizes Maxient computer system to obtain information on Students of Concern.
  7. Maintains required department information/records including: computerized and/or hard copy logs of all phone and radio calls, all case numbers issued for reporting purposes, all walk-in traffic and all daily activity (e.g., criminal incidents, emergency messages delivered, motorist assists, Communications Center on/off duty times, alarm issues and other pertinent information).
  8. Creates and maintains case files for all new cases issued; issues case numbers utilizing designated software program(s). Maintains computer files of all reports. Distributes reports according to incident type and victimology to appropriate police jurisdictions, insurance companies, individuals and college departments.
  9. Fields all walk-in traffic for Public Safety and Parking departments which may be of an emergency nature, minor medical assistance needed, request for general information, and parking related issues (e.g., complaints and requests for parking permit information).
  10. Monitors the weather conditions for possible school closure through television, internet and radio reports; and conveys the information to the Director of Public Safety.
  11. Dispatches the college’s after-hours security contractor to unstaffed campuses as needed. Communicates with after-hours security contractor regarding changes or updates to zones, test modes or modification of monitoring times.
  12. Maintains lost and found property for the Sylvania Campus; dispatch officers to check in and release property at the DPS office and the CC Information desk.
  13. Assists the Public Safety Communications Coordinator in tasks which include but are not limited to training new communications center staff; compiling and calculating statistics for crime occurring on all campuses as required by law; and writing policies that pertain to the communications operation.
  14. Performs miscellaneous clerical tasks such as sorting department incoming mail, assisting in the creation of new office forms, updating and maintaining department personnel phone list, photocopying, and ordering office supplies.
  15. Maintains current knowledge of public safety and communications methods and practices.
  16. May represent the public safety department by participating on various committees.
  17. Performs back-up responsibilities for other departments after normal business hours and weekends.
  18. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work is performed in an office environment with frequent interruptions, changes in the workflow and irregularities in the work schedule. Work shifts may include evenings, weekends and holidays; and hours during inclement weather and school closures. Job may involve making immediate decisions with insufficient data and requires the ability to evaluate changing events and decide on the appropriate course of action. Position involves sitting for extended periods of time while working at a computer terminal. Learned physical skill is required to perform keyboarding function. Position requires the ability to effectively communicate through oral and written mediums and adequate hearing and visual acuity to listen, relay information and monitor computer display terminal.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent. One year of dispatching experience or one year of experience working in a customer service oriented position. Completion of job related certification program may substitute for the experience. Upon hire must be able to complete certification requirements for LEDS/NCIC. Must complete dispatcher training at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training within first year of employment.

Must be able to pass both a personal and criminal history background investigation. Must not have been convicted of a felony crime or any crime for which a maximum term of imprisonment of more than one year may be imposed. Must not have been convicted of any law violations involving the unlawful use, possession, delivery, or manufacture of a controlled substance, narcotic, or dangerous drug. Must pass a hearing and vision evaluation to ensure the essential functions of the job can be performed effectively.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Methods and procedures of various operating and communications systems;
  • Federal, State, and local laws and regulations

Skilled in:

  • Recordkeeping;
  • Interpreting and applying state and federal laws and regulations.

Ability to:

  • Communicate verbally in a clear and effective manner;
  • Handle multiple activities simultaneously while maintaining attention to detail;
  • Remain calm and objective;
  • Independently analyze situations and quickly identity appropriate action;
  • Provide effective customer service;
  • Work effectively with an ethnically and culturally diverse staff and student population.

Reviewed: 12/18

Revised: 09/16

Replaces: 01/11