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Building Systems Technical Coordinator

  • Title: Building Systems Technical Coordinator
  • Class: Classified
  • Exempt Status: Non-exempt
  • Grade: 22

Nature and Scope of Work

Under the direction of the Facilities Management Services department management, ensures the construction, repair and maintenance of wood and concrete structures, fixtures and furnishings and roof areas meet college expectations. In collaboration with the Building Systems Technical Lead receives and evaluates work orders and requests, investigating requests or problems where appropriate and assigns contractors to make necessary repairs. Incumbent provides subject matter expertise related to construction and manages contracts within assigned budgetary parameters. Manages the work of outside contractors to ensure all work meets college requirements and applicable codes. Incumbent reviews and recommends approval of related contractor invoices. Interpersonal contacts primarily encompass peers in immediate work group, supervisor, customers which can include employees at all levels of the College, the college’s general contractor and vendors. Requires good verbal skills to present and exchange technical or complex information. Incumbent is a key contributor with work results impacting the accuracy, reliability and acceptability of further results beyond the immediate work section. Responsible for producing journey-level work output subject to supervisory direction and review.

Principal Accountabilities

  1. In collaboration with the Building Systems Technical Lead, evaluates various construction and repair projects for type of contractor or resources, timing for completion, urgency and relative priority. Coordinates and supervises the work of outside contractors.
  2. Coordinates activities related to the permitting process for related maintenance and remodel work at all campus locations. Interacts with public officials in the permits process including Plans Examiners and Building Inspectors.
  3. Purchases materials to repair existing fixtures, structures and building as needed.
  4. Responds to college emergencies and closures including adverse weather to be certain that all facilities are protected and remain operational. Assist with tasks required in preparing to open campuses after a closure including snow and ice removal, systems and equipment checks and start-up operations as assigned.
  5. Maintains working knowledge of materials, systems and code requirements related to maintenance and construction of building systems in order to assist in setting priorities and budgets.
  6. Reviews and recommends approval of contractor invoices. Initiates and maintains project management documentation consistent with Facilities Management Services policies and procedures.
  7. Performs minor repairs of facilities, fixtures, and furniture for use by the college in and out of carpenter’s shop.
  8. Operates an assigned college vehicle and is responsible for maintenance and the safe operation of that vehicle.
  9. Knows and understands all safety procedures of the college. Observes the work of others including outside contractors and brings safety concerns to their attention. Reports all unsafe acts and conditions, which remain uncorrected to supervisor or EHOS Manager. Allows no work to be performed when conditions are considered unsafe.
  10. Attends regular staff meetings of the Facilities Management Services maintenance staff and participates in problem solving, and discussions of systems and project related issues.
  11. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment

Work pressure, disturbances of work flow and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on an intermittent basis. Work is performed primarily in the field at the site of the work. Working conditions may be somewhat disagreeable requiring occasional exposure to safety hazards and noise when reviewing the work of contractors. Regular travel between campus locations in assigned college vehicle required. While primary duty hours are day shift, must be able to work in the event of emergencies or operational disruptions.

Physical Requirements

Required to stand for extended periods of time. Moderate to heavy lifting is occasionally required. Must be able to use hand carpentry and small power tools. Extensive walking, climbing ladders to get to the site of various projects and work activities is a part of everyday activity.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent and four years of varied commercial carpentry experience. Must be capable of producing journey level equivalent work; have a working knowledge of multiple crafts for coordination of contracts; written, oral and mathematics proficiency for reports, estimates and materials calculations. Must have basic computer skills and an understanding of operations and applications.

Must have valid drivers license for operation of a motor vehicle in Oregon and possess an acceptable driving record.

Reviewed: 12/18

  • Rev: 03/10
  • Replaces: 05/21/04