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Transportation & Parking Assistant

  • Title: Transportation & Parking Assistant
  • Class: Classified
  • Exempt Status: Non-Exempt
  • Grade: 18

Job Summary

Under the direction of management, monitors parking lots and neighborhood parking for all PCC communities. Monitors for safety and compliance with PCC parking guidelines while being aware of the overall environment. Monitors and problem-solves college transportation and parking needs including shuttle service operations on PCC campuses.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Relieves Transit Service Operator when staff is absent and drives buses as needed.
  2. Oversees issuance of parking citations in keeping with PCC rules and policies, obeys traffic laws, and remains current on any changes.
  3. Issues citations and patrols parking lots as needed.
  4. Acts as parking enforcement lead and provides training for campus casual enforcement staff. Fills in as enforcement officer during absences.
  5. Monitors parking availability and shuttle schedule adherence and transfers.
  6. Provides verbal and written reports to PCC supervisors and management concerning parking citations, needs and conditions.
  7. Provides verbal and written reports to PCC supervisor and management concerning shuttle route, safety, schedule, passenger complaints and operational problems or concerns.
  8. Works to find solutions for immediate parking enforcement and shuttle operations issues as they arise, in collaboration with management or independently as appropriate.
  9. Works with public safety officers dealing with parking or shuttle related incidents.
  10. Provides accurate information to passengers regarding routes, schedules, and operating rules.
  11. Assists disabled passengers with boarding and exiting the buses or locating ADA parking. May be required to secure wheelchairs.
  12. In the event of unscheduled closures due to weather events and/or other circumstances, Transportation & Parking Assistants are considered “essential personnel” and may be expected to work when PCC is not officially open.
  13. Assists transportation specialist as needed.
  14. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Must be able to operate a motor vehicle sitting for long periods of time; safely assist people using personal mobility devices on and off the bus. Work is performed both indoors and outdoors with exposure to various weather conditions. Position involves frequent standing and walking.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent, and six months experience in customer service. Must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s license for operation of motor vehicles within the State of Oregon and Washington and possess an acceptable driving record including five years of accident free driving, with no recent moving violations. Must obtain passenger and air brake enforcements within 7 days of hire. Must be able to obtain basic first aid/CPR certification within three months of employment. Must be able to pass a personal and criminal history background check. Must pass a physical examination and submit to periodic drug testing.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of:
  • Applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations;
  • Departmental processes and policies;
  • Basic workplace health and safety procedures.
Skills in:
  • Using a computer to perform basic operations;
  • Leading, training and coordinating the work of others in a team environment;
  • Using a variety of equipment to complete task assignments;
  • Organizing and keeping records.
Ability to:
  • Interact positively with staff and the public in order to enhance effectiveness and to
  • promote quality service;
  • Comprehend technical language;
  • Work independently and prioritize multiple tasks and adapt to needed changes;
  • Remain calm under high pressure/difficult situations;
  • Learn quickly and apply knowledge to new situations.

Revised: 5/2023

  • Reviewed: 12/2018
  • New:  4/2016