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Student Account Specialist


Title: Student Account Specialist

Class: Classified

Exempt Status: Non-exempt

Grade: 15

Nature and Scope of Work

Serves students, staff, parents and community members through the Student Account and Cashiering Services office, working on a broad array of student service issues, including: student accounts, financial aid, veterans’ benefits, orientation, admissions and registration.  Participates with other service areas to facilitate consistent delivery of service and information.  Refers student to appropriate college resources.  Provides services to a diverse population including non-native English speakers, international students, high school students and other community members whose needs and interests may vary. Consistently delivers service in a professional, efficient and friendly manner.

Principal Accountabilities (includes some or all of the following)

  1. Provides information on a variety of topics related to student services to students, staff, parents, and community members, in-person and via various communication methods, including phone, chat and email; participates as student account services team member for the answer center.
  2. Conducts assessment of student needs and proactively engages students in conversation and financial planning related to their college experience; facilitates set up of payment plans for current student accounts.
  3. Acts as primary point of contact for students, staff and college departments in accurately receipting, recording, refunding, and balancing tuition payments and college revenues; balances daily cashiering session and prepares deposits; provides assistance and guidance to part-time and casual cashiers.
  4. Works closely with college-wide student account services staff and program coordinators to research and resolve or redirect student disputes and appeals. Handles a variety of difficult customer situations and disputes using tact, diplomacy and patience to defuse irate/angry customers. Provides support and information to other members of student account services.
  5. Handles one or more district wide process related to core area of responsibility, such as: emergency loan tracking and maintenance, returned check processing, credit card refunding, small balance write-offs, or business office mail.
  6. Performs complex cashiering and refunding functions for student accounts and a variety of college areas following specific college procedures and policies. Must be familiar with college payment, billing and refund policies, institutional and FERPA confidentiality regulations; and Federal Title IV cash management regulations.
  7. Researches and resolves discrepancies and/or disputes related to core area of responsibility.  Provides appropriate referrals with supporting documentation as required.
  8. Regularly upgrades and refreshes knowledge and skills through required attendance at training sessions, student services functions and staff meetings.
  9. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment

Work is performed in an office setting that may be, at times, noisy and intense with multiple interruptions. Subjected to heat/cold fluctuations. Exposure to video display terminals occurs on a regular basis.

Physical Requirements

Learned physical skill required to perform keyboarding and/or ten-key functions. Minimal physical exertion required. Most job time spent sitting with occasional walking.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent.  Two terms of college level course work with an emphasis on business technology, accounting or relevant office occupations curriculum.  Six months of relevant experience may substitute for the college level course work.  Two years’ experience in cashiering, accounting or related office work plus six months experience in a customer service environment, or one year experience in a student service environment with considerable public contact is required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Specific knowledge of college, local, state and federal regulations regarding billing, payment, refunding and confidentiality; general knowledge regarding rules and regulations related to student services.
  • Ability to effectively communicate in oral and written form with a diverse customer base in a welcoming and friendly manner.
  • Ability to balance cashiering sessions and maintain accurate records.
  • Ability to defuse anger and resolve complaints/issues.
  • Ability to utilize various resources, i.e. handbooks, internet, regulations, etc., to research questions and find appropriate answers; escalate as needed.
  • Skilled at explaining terms, concepts and technology in plain language.
  • Skilled in use of Student Information systems, word processing programs, spreadsheets, email and other computer programs.
  • Skilled in using a computer and in data entry.


New: 10/2013