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Multimedia and Video Specialist

  • Title: Multimedia and Video Specialist
  • Class: Classified
  • Exempt Status: Non-exempt
  • Level: 22

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Technology Bond Manager, the Multimedia and Video Specialist provides a wide range of technical services to assist the College and staff with multimedia projects, video production and programming work, including the programming and operation of PCC Cable Channel 27.  This work may be performed in an environment in which technical supervision is not available and the incumbent is the primary source for technical information.  Incumbent will be responsible for training and guiding student or casual help and/or reviewing their work.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Supports pre-production, production and post video production for online, DVD, lecture capture, and Comcast Cable Channel 27 content.
  2. Sets up video and lighting, shoots, records audios, mixes and performs related production activities.  Acts as a technical and creative resource assisting staff with video production.
  3. Suggests technology or content ideas to help staff achieve desired outcomes from video project.
  4. Supports video conferencing services to include the operation of the control bridge, maintaining hardware and software, the coordination of room scheduling and testing, and support for IVC classes and outside meetings and events.
  5. Translates audio, video, graphics and digital animation and other digital media content into various distributable formats.  Uploads video projects to servers and publishes HTML and URL links for digital content distribution.
  6. Manages digital media data.  Monitors storage on servers, ensuring adequate storage and performance.  Maintains software and hardware for digital media acquisition, player and editor servers.  Creates physical backups of stored content on servers and is responsible for keeping records of all content available for viewing.
  7. Researches, acquires and encodes programming for Cable Channel 27.  Schedules programming aired on the station and is responsible for the quality of the broadcast signal.
  8. Maintains multimedia related equipment and software.  Performs accessibility training and quality assurance.
  9. Provides training to individuals or small groups in production equipment and methods.
  10. Coordinate multiple projects with frequently adjusted priorities.

Work Environment

Work is typically performed in a studio, control room, office, and off campus locations. Environment. Interruptions are expected to occur often and the incumbent must be able to prioritize work. Heavy computer use on a daily basis is required. Must be able to adapt and respond quickly to constantly changing technology.

Physical Requirments

Basic level of learned physical skill is required to perform such functions as keyboarding and operating multimedia equipment.

Minimum Qualifications

Associate’s degree or two years of college-level course work in electronic/multi-media production, graphic design, or related area. Relevant experience performing the duties of the job may substitute for the educational requirement. Two years of recent experience creating video content using software such as Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and other Adobe products, QuickTime, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor and Mac OSX.

Ability to work with non-technical clients and students and translate content into multimedia products in formats including but not limited to: video, audio, graphics, digital animations, HTML.  Demonstrated ability to work as part of a project team.

Reviewed: 12/18

  • New: 10/2010